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Hey there, welcome to the wiki! Thanks a lot for the contributions so far, I'm looking forward to see more. Although I'm not actively adding stuff to the wiki right now I am keeping an eye on it from day to day, and hopefully I'll be contributing again soon! Litso 22:19, 1 November 2007 (CET)

Thanks, yeah, I'll edit as best as I can! Its good your still keeping an eye out around here...--Jarvis 02:40, 3 November 2007 (CET)


Hey, I see you got rid of a lot of spam recently. I'm currently working on implementing a CAPTCHA security to stop the spammers, but in the meantime I'll make you sysop. That way you are able to compare recent edits and make a rollback to the last spamless version of an article. Makes it a lot easier to remove spam and you'll have some other privileges too. Enjoy! Litso 21:55, 8 November 2007 (CET)

Wow, cool, a sysop! Well it'll be nice to help stop some more spam from coming through, I'm really surprised how much this wiki gets! I hope your new security system works out.--Jarvis 22:03, 8 November 2007 (CET)

I just added a simple security system that makes users who are not logged in that enter a new url to a page have to solve a simple sum before submitting. This should keep away a lot of the spammers... if needed I can higher the security by letting everybody solve the sum except for sysops. Hope this takes away a lot of work for us! Litso 17:22, 11 November 2007 (CET)

That new thing seems to be working, no spam yet. Its great we finally dont have to deal with all that stuff anymore, it was getting pretty damn annoying.--Jarvis 04:32, 12 November 2007 (CET)

Front page article system[edit]

Ok look yes this is Dan again and well I am really bored and want to relive my nostalgic time as a wiki sysop so listen up, this is how you make a "front page article system".

Well first create a voting page were people can nominate articles and vote then which ever one had the most votes get to be it.

Anyways now onto the real stuff.

copy pasta everything below:

Article of the Today

{{MansonWiki:Today's featured article/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTDAY}}, {{CURRENTYEAR}}}}

Ok look at what I put up in there, basically each article is it's own template and when you make the template all it is, is the first paragraph to the article with a small image on the side and with the first word being a link to the article.

[Take this for example] Just remember you NEED to write it in the format of the example for it to work.

Looks good! We should really do that :) Litso 04:46, 2 December 2007 (CET)

Logging in[edit]

Should work again. Had to remove the captcha check for creating new accounts, which created an error on the login page for some reason. Captcha still works when adding urls to pages, for the spammers. Litso 15:35, 9 December 2007 (CET)


Hey, just wanted to start out saying welcome to the MansonWiki crew. I'm its second admin, though I took a gigantic break from the site for months due to the overstraining time I was putting in (I whipped up a good 2,000 of its articles, and as of yet there's 2,811... Lol). But anyways I stopped by the wiki tonight and found we got a third admin, congrats. So I've made mention of you where the site's staff is listed (which would actually be just here and here), feel free to go to the latter page and fill in a summarization of your contributing role, as I don't know too much about you and I figured you'd feel more comfortable doing it yourself instead of me branding you with some bullshit that didn't quite suit; seemed pretty reasonable to me hah. Don't mind what it says about me, I just wrote arbitrary stuff that sounded like what you'd see in the liner notes of Manson's first two records (it is a Manson site after all lol). Anyways welcome aboard mate! Windstorm 03:41, 12 December 2007 (CET)

Good to see your back then Windstorm, I believe I have stumbled upon your page before while looking through the other staff members. And yeah, I guess I'll fill out, whatever exactly that thing is now...but damn, 2,000 articles, your fucking insane, erm good job though.--Jarvis 21:25, 12 December 2007 (CET)

moar spam[edit]

Hey, thanks for the recent spam-cleaning! We really seem to have one of those spam-problems again lately, so I changed the CAPTCHA-check a bit. At the moment everybody who is not logged in has to answer a simple sum before editting any page. This means if bots register a username they will still be able to spam, but I guess this will stop the anonymous spammings for a while. Thanks again! Litso 02:20, 4 January 2008 (CET)