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Mexicanfiend is a registered contributor of the MansonWiki. He uses the same nickname he adopted as an identity for the Hierophant Council forums.

As his username suggests, he's from México, born in Morelia on 1984 but a permanent resident in México city. he's single, 24 years old and he finished a career in communications at the Intercontinental University. He's currently working on his thesis, as well as studying a degree in administration.

He's a Marilyn Manson fan since summer 1996, when he saw the video for Sweet Dreams on MTV Latin America and later got hooked during the Antichrist Superstar era.

Between his many collaborations to Marilyn Manson related sites, these are the most important ones:

  1. Casual contributor of the official Marilyn Manson mexican web page, during 1999-2000, specially on the hate area.
  2. Member of The Oracle on the offical Marilyn Manson web page.
  3. Spanish translator for the Nachtkabarett international area.
  4. Active member of the Hierophant Council forums (with a current Ipsissimus status).
  5. Current contributor of the MansonWiki

He also did a thesis during his last semester at College about the relationship between Marilyn Manson and violent acts perpetrated by young people.

Actually, he's the creator of a mexican movement called "Marilynmansonologists", those are mexican fans that have a deep interest and understanding for Marilyn Manson's art. So far he claims to be the first "Marilynmansonologist", along with Morrissey (better known as User:Frank beristain.) and Hierophant member Peral007.

He has attended 4 Marilyn Manson concerts: 1997/09/16 Mexico City, Mexico, 2005/02/09 Mexico City, Mexico, 2007/09/18 Mexico City, Mexico and 2007/09/19 Mexico City, Mexico. He was going to go to the 2003/11/07 Mexico City, Mexico but he hurt his knee while playing soccer a week before and he wasn't able to go.

As an anecdotic story, he lived 6 months in Marilyn Manson's hometown, Canton, OH, after he finished high school, since he has an aunt living there. He visited places like Heritage Christian School and Glean Oak high School, among others.

He has a blog [1] in which he posts his poetry (mostly in spanish, but with a few posts in english). He created it in July 2005 as a way to express his feelings towards a girl he met in Ohio, but today is the place in which he let the world knows his writting skills. As reported renctly, it's closed now, but he temporary revided it to post an essay about Mechanical Animals' 10th- anniversary, which is currently being translated and checked by Hierophant user S.D.

On june 2008, he published his first book: The dream and the Butterfly, a short novel about friendship, love and betrayal.

Other musical bands he loves are Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Static-X, Rammstein, The Kovenant, Deftones, Korn, Lacrimosa, Cradle of Filth and many, many others from genres that goes from classical music to brutal metal.