The Desert Sessions

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The Desert Sessions are a musical collective series "that cannot be defined". Founded by Josh Homme in 1997. Artists such as PJ Harvey, Jeordie White, Dave Catching, Nick Oliveri, Mark Lanegan, John McBain, Josh Freese, Chris Goss, Alain Johannes, Dean Ween, and many others from the Palm Desert Scene have contributed as songwriters and musicians.


  • Desert Sessions, Volumes 1 (Instrumental Driving Music for Felons) & 2 (Status: Ships Commander Butchered) 1998
  • Desert Sessions, Volumes 3 (Set Coordinates for the White Dwarf!!!) & 4 (Hard Walls and Little Trips) (1998)
  • Desert Sessions, Volumes 5 (Poetry for the Masses (Sea Shed Shit Head by the She Sore) & 6 (Poetry for the Masses (Black Anvil Ego) (1999)
  • Desert Sessions, Volumes 7 (Gypsy Marches) & 8 (Can You See Under My Thumb? There You Are) (2001)
  • Desert Sessions, Volumes 9 (I See You Hearin' Me) & 10 (I Heart Disco) 2003