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Review by J7=[edit]


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- An extremely underrated classic, Snake Eyes & Sissies stands as one of the best songs ever written by Marilyn Manson. The track begins with a back-masked intro of serial killer Richard Ramirez, followed by the sound of a distorted horn, which segues into the song itself. The rhythm of Snake Eye’s & Sissies isn’t one of anger; instead the electric guitar is unusually laid back. This draws a great dichotomy with Manson’s vocals, which bleed anger, malice, and emotion in every line. The lyrics describe a man who enjoys his life of leisure, but realizes it is his greatest weakness. Outwardly he elevates himself above others, believing he is rolling sixes (Good) while the “Sissies” are rolling snake eyes (Bad). But privately he nonchalantly indulges in deviant delicacies, and after, berates his devilish actions, realizing the futility of his sad repetitive life. “Just a boy, just a boy, just a little fucking boy, I can never be a man.” The theme of being unable to save one’s self would be explored greater in Brian’s subsequent work, Antichrist Svperstar. The song gravely ends with the soft, warbled words, “Oh no . . Oh no . .”