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Added lyrics[edit]

Hello, I just bought the CD and started transcribing the lyrics in the same format they're written (punctuation, capitals, etc.), only difference being the overuse of hyphens in the book. This was probably done to make it look more like a bible, so I took them to be line breaks. I'm a long-time contributor, but never signed up. Please don't deny my edit just because I don't feel like signing up.

I would like to add that I am going to transcribe the rest of the album anyway for my own personal use, so if my edit does get approved I will just copy my document for the remaining songs.

hello. i fixed the formatting a bit to make it match the rest of the lyrics we set up on the wiki (pre-formatted monospace font, no HTML tags, etc). your input is welcome, thanks! scarshock (talk)
Excellent! Didn't want my fellow Manson fans to go the day without a reliable reference for the lyrics. -Mons