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I'm the man behind Mansinthe and I can explain that to you: The first idea about creating a specific Absinthe or Absinthe-like product together with Manson came up in summer 2005. Back in 2005 nobody thought Absinthe would be legal in the U.S. only a few years later. So what we did was trying to substitute wormwood by a different bitter plant. These were the very first prototypes for Mansinthe. To be honest - we were not that happy with the result. So we decided to develope a true Absinthe instead. It was intended to just release it in Europe. So we came up with a series of prototypes which I discussed with Manson. We adjusted things so he was fine with the final result. Prototype 35 was released to see if we are on the right track and people would like what we developed. Only very few adjustments had to be done for the step from Prototype 35 to Mansinthe. Eventually at the time we released Mansinthe, Absinthe became legal in the U.S. So time worked for us in this case and there was no more need to do a second "sans wormwood" version for the american market. Mansinthe btw. was awarded a gold medal at one of the most prestigious spirits competitions in the U.S. a few weeks ago - so this clearly proves that it's an outstanding product and not the typical celebrety product.

To make a long story short: There's no commercial "sans wormwood" version of Mansinthe - and there never will be.

Markus Lion

Test, just a test[edit]

section, but unfortunetly those edits have been reverted. Why? Edsel Dope, the frontman of the band, is best friends with Kenneth Wilson (Ginger Fish) and was staying with him when he joined Marilyn Manson. When Marilyn Manson recorded Antichrist Superstar, Edsel joined Ginger in New Orleans, and the two shared an apartment with Madonna Wayne Gacy. It's all on

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