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Reverted to previous version. To: There is no precedence to have every word capitalized.

To others: The lyrics were originally posted as is from the AS CD booklet so even if it appears something is wrong, (i.e. the word dark appearing on the next line) please leave it.

To User:MAFF'L , I have never heard Manson's music referred to as Piano Rock, so until you can give a reference for that, it stays off the Genre type.

I agree the first word of each line should be capped and will discuss. I agree the word 'the' on the second line was not sung, however, it is in the lyrics in the booklet and should stay. Sumer - Senior Editor 20:37, 1 August 2012 (CEST)

Before making lyric changes refer to the CD booklet and listen listen listen to the song.