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I remember Zimzum shooting Manson in the back with a Blunderbuss and guts flying out everywhere. It was dead silent for a good 20 minutes as they closed the curtain and I could see his body being dragged offstage through the small gap under the curtain. Nobody knew what to do. We didn't know if it was real or not. I remember I was centerstage just out of spitting distance probably 30 feet from the stage. Craziest shit I'd ever seen. I was 19. That was intermission. He came back on with the Antichrist part of the show if I'm remembering correctly. Still the best show I've ever seen and I've been to probably 50+ concerts. By far the best sound I'd ever heard at a show. "When you are suffering, you will know that I have deceived you." Echoed all over the venue through, what had to be 30+ different channels in 100+ speakers all at once. I can still hear it to this day. Completely amazing night.