Recurrences of the number 15 in Marilyn Manson's music

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15 is a recurring number in the music of Marilyn Manson, particularly on the Mechanical Animals, The Golden Age of Grotesque and The High End of Low albums. This article lists the instances of the number in both Marilyn Manson's music and imagery, as well as other areas relating to the band or its influences.

  • In the song "Misery Machine", the phone that rings in the background, rings 114 times. 1+14=15
  • A January 1999 post by Marilyn Manson on's message board has the equations "1-5-196+9" (a reference to his birthday, January 5, 1969) and "30%2" (30 divided by two equals 15), followed by the lines "marilyn=7", "=2" and "manson=6" (these numbers combined equal 15). The closing line of the post also reads "15". Similarly, a MySpace blog by Manson on June 2, 2009 is concluded with "MM 15".
  • A November 16, 1999 post by Manson on the website's message board includes the line "Maturity, sensibility, rebellion, 15."
  • Fifteen songs appear on the albums Mechanical Animals, The Golden Age of Grotesque and The High End of Low.
  • Manson harmonizes the pre-verses of the songs "New Model No. 15" and "User Friendly" with exactly fifteen "doo"s.
  • Manson has the number 15 tattooed behind one of his ears.
  • Manson posted replies to's message board under the name Omega015.
  • One of two scales of measurement often used to determine a level of coma is the Glasgow Coma Scale, which is a simple 15-point scale used to assess severity of neurological trauma and establish a prognosis. Coma is a recurring theme in the art for Mechanical Animals, and appears in the titles of the songs "Coma White" and "Coma Black".
  • Original pressings of Mechanical Animals had a fifteenth track accompanying a Shockwave program that played when the disc was inserted into a computer.
  • The band logo on the cover of Mechanical Animals and the singles spawned by the album, as well as the "We're from America" single reads "MAR1LYN MAN5ON".
  • The fifteenth and final track on The High End of Low is "15", which was recorded on January 5, 2009, or 1/5.
  • The High End of Low was released roughly 15 years after the band's major label debut, Portrait of an American Family.
  • The number 15 spans across the MM logo on the back of the "We're from America" single.
  • The Omēga-head logo which appears in the Mechanical Animals liner notes contains 15 squares on its forehead.
  • The phrase "ADAM5" appears in the liner art of Mechanical Animals. If Adam is interpreted as a biblical reference to the first man, or 1, then this phrase may be another reference to the number.
  • In the Mechanical Animals artwork on the page with lyrics for "The Dope Show" there are numbers covering the hidden text beneath the syringe that count up to 15.
  • In the lyrics for "Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes" the line "Boy's 15 but he's 16-gauge" begins the second verse.
  • The song "I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)" refers to "fifteen minutes of shame."
  • The worldwide release date for Mechanical Animals was September 15, 1998, or 9/15 (9+1+5=15).
  • There are 15 letters in the The High End of Low title.
  • There are 51 total tracks in the Triptych. Just as the Triptych unfolds in reverse, 51 reversed is 15.
  • While not necessarily relating to the band's music, Manson's birthday is January 5, 1969, or 1/5.
  • Brian Hugh Warner has 15 letters in it, though this might not have a direct reference.
  • Some interesting mathematical references: 999/15=66.6; 15×444=6,660.