On The Misconceptions of Omega and The Antichrist Superstar

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On The Misconceptions of Omega and The Antichrist Superstar
AOL Messageboards
March 1999

I am not denying or defending my post addressed to STARK AND PALS,
I merely said yesterday that I wasn't involved in some of the banter that followed that. Someone had cracked my passcode and misused my bbs.

TO EXPLAIN THAT PARTICULAR POST (STARK AND PALS) I'd like to say that I've read this group from time to time and I've never minded the open discussions, in fact I particularly enjoyed some of STARK'S bitter criticisms.
I felt the need to say something because I felt there were some offensive assumptions being made here. If some fans don't like or understand this album, I'm not particularly insulted. I make music because up until today it has made me happy, although I think that is a symptom of a more serious disease. I criticized the world-- particularly Christianity and at the same time I was criticizing the equally disturbing 'US' that was growing. I just tried to reflect what you gave me--I truly hoped you would see ME as the hypocrite that YOU are.

only through criticism and memory do we avoid error.

What some of you haven't yet seen or maybe never will is that OMEGA is this right here--what we are doing. My presentation and satirization of MARILYN MANSON is exactly what I have shown you on Mechanical Animals. The story of Omega is one of an exaggerated rock star lost in fame and drugs and the isolation that follows. I know its easier for you to think I've lost my creativity or sold out,etc...ad nauseum. Or that I've become a drug addict, but the funniest irony is that I hardly touch drugs anymore and ACSS (which most of you hold up as your grading scale) was written at the height of everyone's addictions -- producers and band alike.

Just as I assumed the role of Antichrist Superstar, I have torn it apart through the role of OMEGA. That, my friends, is the only way we can overcome our fears and weaknesses. I only resent I exposed a nerve to those I thought would want to see it the most. The last conversation I had with Dr. LaVey, he told me that he too had experienced the misunderstanding of those he assumed understood.

I know that I've said all that I wanted to say with this record and I don't care to defend it. It's too bad I didn't reach some of you. I'll be canceling this screen name (you can confirm it's really me with Jennerator if you like) that I have borrowed. Other artists I know have also discovered that this particular medium is not conducive to healthy creativity and is best suited for insecure, approval seekers and a widespread lack of self confidence in the art world.

I will enjoy living on my aesthetic pension, satisfied by every creation---and every hatred born out of ignorance. Now that you read this I know I'm still doing my job, and I know I've never turned my back on my fans. Good luck to you as this will be our last semi-conversation.

I eat my own ashes,
Marilyn Manson

"The senses have therefore become theoreticians in their immediate praxis"- KARL MARX