List of censored works by Marilyn Manson

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There have been several works by Marilyn Manson which have been censored — either by outside interference or in examples of self-censorship — over the course of the band's history. This is a list of those works, and the nature of the censorship.

Censored lyrics[edit]

Censored artwork[edit]

  • Some pressings of Mechanical Animals were packaged with a large sticker obscuring the body of Omēga on the cover, and some advertising for the album with similar artwork obscured Omēga's lack of genitalia. Additionally, Omēga's bare breasts originally had nipples, which were digitally edited out of the final photograph used for the cover.
  • Some Asian pressings of The Last Tour on Earth censor the "burning cross" on the cover with a blurred effect.
  • Some pressings of Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) feature an alternative cover painting, and on certain heavily censored versions the cover is nearly blank.

Other censored works[edit]

  • Manson's 1999 novel Holy Wood has been censored by the publisher, allegedly due to pressure from the Church of Scientology, and remains unpublished.