Frankie Proia

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Frankie Proia
Frank Proia
Frank Proia
Background information
Occupation(s) Tour Manager
Years active Spooky Kids Era
Associated acts Marilyn Manson

Frank Proia, a manager for Marilyn Manson during the Portrait of an American Family tours was the inspiration for "Fuck Frankie" on the Smells Like Children album. It is said "Frankie" Proia embezzled $20,000 from the band.[1]


  • Proia is listed as 'Pornography Coordinator' on the "Smells Like Children" album [2] credits.
  • Proia is listed under 'Thanks' on the "Antichrist Superstar" [3] album credits, section.


  • In the interview with Black Moon, Frank Proia is mentioned as being the band's road manager.
  • When a fan quizzed Manson on MTV Online [4] as to the identities of the participants on the song, Manson replied: “They weren’t all men, and they weren’t necessarily Frankie, either.”
  • It was after Daisy Berkowitz spoke with road manager Frankie Proia, that he decided to leave the band.[4]
  • When fan "Sleizoid" asked Manson on a SPIN Live AOL Chat, "Marilyn, what was your mind going through when you made Fuck Frankie?", Manson replied, "Am I going to get caught? And how will I explain to the police all the blood and chicken feathers?"


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