Compass and the Ruler

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"Compass and the Ruler"
Compass and the Ruler cover
Song by Marilyn Manson
Recorded 1999–2000 at the Mansion in Death Valley, California
Genre Alternative metal
Writer Marilyn Manson
Producer Marilyn Manson, Dave Sardy
A preview of this song is currently not available

"Compass and the Ruler" is a demo intended for Marilyn Manson's aborted soundtrack to the film From Hell, recorded around the same time as the album Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death). A portion of the song was released in a low-quality fifty-second recording in a podcast, placed back to back with another demo titled "Jack Eats Dinner". Along with these demos was released a low-quality one-minute recording of a cover of Wes Montgomery's "Little Child", and a fourth song in high-quality, a cover of Charles Manson's "Sick City". "Compass and the Ruler" takes up the remaining 31 seconds of the podcast file, also containing "Jack Eats Dinner".



The song begin at 00:20 after the song is "Jack Eats Dinner"


The lyrics below are not complete in the sense that the song does continue, by implication. The only publicly known clip of the song in existence runs for thirty-one seconds (0:31), and so the lyrics below reflect what is heard in the released clip.

    I know it's complicated 
   My heart keeps breaking and I keep taking this
   I know my life is fading
   I sit here shaking, 
   I can't deal with this

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