Charles Manson Intro

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The Charles Manson Intro was a recording of Charles Manson (likely in an interview) that Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids played before shows.

Here is an example:



Charles Manson: You go to the ballet...and you see the perfection and the motion, that has been passed down for generations. You see this perfection, and it goes into your eyes, and it goes into your mind, and then, pretty soon it becomes a part of you, and you dance. You dance that dance. Is it their fault, that you danced the dance. Does that make sense? In other words...people come to me, and they see me move. They see what I can do, and then they say "Hey man, I didnt know I could do that", and they say, "Alright, you are really cool", and then I say "Ya". And then they go around and they move like that. And then you see all the kids moving like that. And then you come to me and say "Your conspiracy is to make all those kids move like that, because with the moves you showed these kids, they went out and killed somebody". Its like a guy who came up to me once, and he was freakin' out on acid, he said "Oh, man, I'm goin' crazy, everything is all fucked up man, the world is all miserable". And its not, I said, "Everything is alright, its all in harmony", I said, "Everything is perfect. Can't you see the perfection? Look at it in yourself". He say's "Ya?", and I say "Ya, It's a nice day man, look the suns out, everybody is having a nice day, its a wonderful day. Can't you appreciate that?". He says "Sure". I say "Why don't you relax your mind? Get all that negative vibration out of you and go on down the road and have a good day". So he came back 2 or 3 hours later and he said "I killed somebody". I said "Why are you comin' to me? That puts me back in prison man. I dont want to hear what you did son. Thats your life, dont roll it over on mine, I'm doin something over here". "Well you said everything is alright, you said everything is perfect". I said "Ya, but I didn't tell you to go do something like that. Thats not my responsibility...That is your mom and dads responsibility, thats not my responsibilty. Im not your mom and dad".