Article:2004/04/01 Marilyn Manson Drop Guitarist, Plan 'Jesus' Cover For Hits LP

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Marilyn Manson Drop Guitarist, Plan 'Jesus' Cover For Hits LP
Article on Lest We Forget: The Best Of
Author Jon Wiederhorn
Date April 01, 2004
Source MTV News

Marilyn Manson Drop Guitarist, Plan 'Jesus' Cover For Hits LP
Band in Los Angeles studio recording new songs for best-of collection
By Jon Wiederhorn on Apr 1 2004 3:08 PM EST
MTV News

"It has taken 10 years, boys and girls, to climb this ugly hill, and these are the Songs of Golgotha." Translation: Marilyn Manson are working on a greatest-hits album.

So says Manson on his Web site, adding, "We have put together the best of what we have made, and this is only a reminder that you can cut off the head but it only grows back harder." An unknown number of new Marilyn Manson songs will appear on the best-of collection, scheduled for the fall. The band is currently in a Los Angeles studio working on the new cuts, which will include a cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" from the 1990 album Violator.

However, Manson is playing without guitarist John5, who was recently let go for undisclosed reasons. John5 — real name John Lowery — was the replacement for previous axeman Zim Zum and first joined Manson for the 1999 tour that spawned the live album The Last Tour on Earth.

The hits album will include a bonus DVD of all of Marilyn Manson's videos, including the uncensored "(s)AINT" clip directed by actress Asia Argento. The packaging will feature artwork and photos by Manson.