Article:1999/02/25 Manson Schedules Chat

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Manson Schedules Chat
Article on Marilyn Manson video chat
Date February 25, 1999
Source MTV News

Manson Schedules Chat
Feb 25 1999 3:15 PM EST
MTV News

The long-awaited Marilyn Manson chat is now confirmed for March 1, according to Manson's official website. He intends to speak to his fans face to face via RealVideo from backstage at his tour rehearsals in Los Angeles.

Manson's semi-official news site, Seems Like Salvation News, says the chat will be short but sweet, and adds that the goth rocker may have something more to say about his litigation with former Spin Editor Craig Marks over an alleged assault (see "Did Manson "Spin" Out Of Control?").

In what could be perceived as Manson-related news, the city of Richmond, VA, has passed a law that seems to be taking a back door approach in trying again to ban the goth rocker from their concert stages. The city failed in an attempt to keep Manson at bay when he was touring to support his previous album, "Antichrist Superstar" (see "Marilyn Manson May Be Shut Out Of Richmond, Virginia"), but now the Richmond City Council has passed a city ordinance making it "illegal to give a performance that appears to be pornographic if the performance might be attended by minors."

Ticketmaster and the Richmond Times-Dispatch say the law is focused on bookings for the city-owned Richmond Coliseum, the venue in question during the 1997 ban attempt. The description includes the showing of sexual body parts or simulated body parts, which is sure to cover Manson's most current androgynous look. As far as we know, Manson is not scheduled to appear anywhere in Virginia at this time.