Article:1998/05/22 Marilyn Manson Joins Gary Numan Onstage

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Marilyn Manson Joins Gary Numan Onstage
Article on Manson performing w/ Gary Numan onstage
Date May 22, 1998
Source MTV News

Marilyn Manson Joins Gary Numan Onstage
May 22 1998 12:00 PM EDT
MTV News

Marilyn Manson, long an outspoken fan of New Wave synth rock icon Gary Numan, joined the "Cars" singer onstage last week at a Numan show in Los Angeles.

Manson, who is recording his new album in L.A., added vocals to one of Numan's early hits, "Down in the Park," a song Manson had covered on the 1995 "Lunchbox" E.P.

Numan's tour rolls into Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday, while Manson's new album is due in August or September, with a single slated for release in July.

After wrapping up his club tour, Numan is scheduled to meet with Liam Howlett of Prodigy about a possible collaboration, and is also in talks with Tricky in regard to another project.

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