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Ladies and gentlemen,

I'm very sad to announce that both [god]Speed and ‡-me-‡ have left the MansonWiki. Both have decided that they're no longer interested in Manson, and that they'll be moving on to other things. What this means is that things are going to change.

First of all, the MansonWiki facebook account has long been their personal account. Now that I have access again, those that have befriended this account based on their friendship with them personally and not because of the MansonWiki, please know that they're no longer around. I have deleted all private messages for privacy's sake and you're free to un-friend us if you feel the need to.

Those of you that are just fans of Manson or MansonWiki you're all invited to stay of course!

Since I have not nearly enough time on my hands to run this website plus all it's social media by myself, I have asked former administrator Steven aka Vixen Windstorm to help me out again. I will also be needing other Manson fans to help out the wiki, so if you think you can contribute anything at all (help out with social media, ideas for the wiki, anything at all) feel free to drop me a message.

Please remember that even though there won't be as much activity the next couple of weeks, the MansonWiki is here to stay!

Last but not least, I want to thank [god]Speed and ‡-me-‡ for everything they've done for the wiki. The website would not have been what it is now if it hadn't been for them, and even though our occasional differences we had a great time and did a lot of good for the Manson community. Aaron and Jen, your help will be missed and I wish you all the best!

Stephan / Litso
MansonWiki founder

(as posted on Facebook, March 19, 2011)