1995/09/29 Hollywood, CA

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September 29, 1995
Performance by Marilyn Manson
Location The Palace in Hollywood, California, USA
Tour Smells Like Children tour
Performers Marilyn Manson, Daisy Berkowitz, Twiggy Ramirez, Madonna Wayne Gacy, Ginger Fish
Touring chronology
September 28, 1995 September 29, 1995 October 1, 1995

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The performance on September 29, 1995 took place at The Palace in Hollywood, California, USA.[1]



  1. "Wrapped in Plastic"
  2. "Snake Eyes and Sissies"
  3. "Get Your Gunn"
  4. "Dogma"
  5. "Cyclops"
  6. "Cake and Sodomy"
  7. "Down in the Park"
  8. "Dope Hat"
  9. "My Monkey"
  10. "Smells Like Children"
  11. "Organ Grinder"
  12. "Lunchbox"
  13. "Rock 'n' Roll Nigger"
  14. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
  15. "Misery Machine"

Smells like children was INCREDIBLE - I want this song sooooooooooooooooooooooooo baD! If I heard right the chorus seemes to be "tell me somethig terrible" and Im wondering if the song will start with the Willy WOnka soundbyte "the suspense is terrible - I hope it lasts." It is a very tweaked evil heavy percussion song and i was BLOWN AWAY! The best song of he night was prolly Rock N Roll nigger! The rev mixed in some "this is our world in which we grow.." and "we are your shirt.." type of lines in the song. I must admit im a total sap who on occasion gets tears in his eyes just when I hear a certain part of a song i think is incrdible or other such songs - well Rocknroll nigger had me momentarily choked up it was so good. They left stage VERY MOMENTARILY and then came back and played Sweet Dreams and Misery Machine. I thought it was rad that they didnt wait for 5 minutes for everyone to stand around and scream their name and such - no rockstar ego there. All in all a GREAT SHOW!!!


—FatherTom Spookhouse.net concert review


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