"Do a Kordax for the Kodaks"

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"Do a Kordax for the Kodaks"
An essay by Marilyn Manson
August 17, 2002
marilynmanson.com Journal entry

I did not fly over, but landed IN, the cuckoo's nest this morning. It was strange enough to get up at 7 a.m., but after having my eggs...I went downtown to act in a short film called: "Beat the Devil." This was directed by Tony Scott and stars Gary Oldman, James Brown and YOURS TRULY.
All I can say is, I am proud to have gotten a signature from the godfather of soul on my VERY OWN BIBLE! (I have no idea what it says though.)

I will let you decide which one of us is the devil?!?!


The DVD is on its way and I have personally stirred together a chaotic tornado of scenes from almost every show and the shrapnel of each city and the characters we encountered. I found a clip of us in Warsaw doing "Born Again" and "In the Shadow of the Valley of Death" --(I play rhythm guitar).
There's "My Monkey" and a striptease in Rome of "Diary of a Dope Fiend" (I have been cleared of all charges.) There are women with baboons in Moscow. Wal-Mart in Mississippi.
Babysitting the Osbournes.
all of the nasty things that happen offstage that we were never allowed to show you before.
This does not include the LA Olympic Auditorium show that was televised and it looks and sounds completely different.
I hope anyone that went last year loves this scarred scrapbook, and if you missed the GGG tour, you WON'T next time, after seeing this.

I have more to tell you, but I must sleep.