Your Mother Fucks a Sausage

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"Your Mother Fucks a Sausage" is a song by Marilyn Manson side project Mrs. Scabtree. It is the most elusively mentioned of the only three(Unconfirmed) known songs the band wrote in 1993.


  • "Your Mother Fucks a Sausage"




Any lyrics for this song are virtually unknown.


  • At the 1993 Slammy Awards, Manson presented the award for the category of "National Release". After reading the nominees he added, "...and Mrs. Scabtree for "Your Mother Fucks a Sausage". That one was a late entry." The winner was Saigon Kick for "The Lizard", and since the band wasn't there to accept the award, he called Jeordie up onstage and they threw the award onto the floor, hitting a girl in the process which Manson apologized for.[1]


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