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Random Reply[edit]

I'm kinda flattered actually haha. I don't have a MySpace or anything, that's something I've thought about doing though. Me and my buddy have been waiting for the summer to have all the time we want to record, but he might be going to this army thing for the summer so I dunno if we have to wait until the winter. We haven't even jammed in over a month which is discouraging, but it won't be permanent so it's alright. Until we brought all our equipment to my other buddy's to jam, I'd been working on rough, kind of melancholic stuff. Everything I recorded wasn't worth keeping though as I've been unfortunately playing for a while without distortion :( . Anyways I'd been looking at maybe 7 songs, 4 of them I'd been working on, I just haven't bothered to record them without distortion, and my guitar/amp has been at my buddy's since we brought our shit there a month ago.. Haha. But when I get my stuff back and I begin rough recording I'll let you know, whether I get a MySpace artist account or something. What I had been working with sort of was an intro NIN-ish (I'd been listening to The Downward Spiral a lot), a groove metalish song that sounded kind of like "Disabled Complexes" by a Japanese hard rock band called Dir en grey, a melancholic song I sort of compare to "Minute of Decay" (one of the first songs I learned to play), and a cover of "Fascination Street" by The Cure. I'll be sure to let you know when I begin recording though! Windstorm 02:48, 20 June 2007 (CEST)