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Performance art[edit]

Do you not suppose the term "performance Art" is a bit redundant? Let us face up to a simple rule of art; somebody is creating it, therefore it's being performed. I do understand the idea of monology or that sort of art but, would that not be also considered in the vein of stand-up? Of course if you make people laugh that's an easy one but- ALL ART IS PERFORMED or, created I say. I am an artist; A sculptor, mold maker, airbrush illustrator, animator, special F/X make-up, creature creator, Drummer, massage therapist a writer, cartoonist AND storyboardist, so, I think I may be on the right track of thought or, just on something......What do you think?

Phantasmagoria and the horror genre[edit]

Yes you've heard correctly; The horror/monster genre is officially 100 years old. From hitchcock to Clive Barker, Rob Zombie to our Treasured Marilyn Manson. I am a writer of different subjects; from educational entertaining family friendly material, dark romantic comedies, to the down-right good 'ol fashioned exploitation style. I am finding out that it is considerably easier to network and market a horror/genre type picture than virtually any other. Kevin Smith was quoted as saying that it's like the common denominator because it appeals to the darker sides of our repressed nature. It's so common. Quite often humans do to our dubious puritanical social underpinnings; many of us our depraved, shy, or just plain stuck on stupid. I feel the horror/monster film is a very much needed part of whom and what we are as living satient beings. How better to get a close-up arm chair look at death or dementia than through the vibrant visceral imagery found in in the beautiful works of cinematic art? I am anxiously awaiting the release of Phantasmagoria!!! I am quite certain it will be unforgettable And shall take its place amongst the greats that've scared the sh*t out of us for over a millenium! Cheers to us all- and thank you Marilyn Manson for being you- Here's hoping the best is yet to come!!!