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Tim Malvita
Tim Malvita
Tim Malvita
Background information
Birth name Timothy Richard Malvita
Also known as Tim Malvita aka CARRERA aka Sgt. Malvita, in "Livid Doll" he is known as "Timmy Grimm"
Born 6/29/67
Genre(s) Alternative, Metal, Rock
Occupation(s) Guitarist, Bassist, Writer
Instrument(s) Guitar, Bass Guitar
Years active 1993-Present
Label(s) Kipp Records,Long Distance Ent.,Catman Records,Ration Records,Vial Records,Versailles Records
Associated acts Dark Star Revolt,Livid-Doll,Rednecks on Drugs,Killing Silence,Krank,Disorder,12-Sided,Prescious Cargo
Notable instrument(s)
Jackson Custom USA guitars
                     Charvel San Dimas USA guitars

Tim Malvita was the guitarist for KILLING SILENCE, an opening band for Marilyn Manson during the "Portrait of an American Family" era. KILLING SILENCE played at the release party at Squeeze in Ft. Lauderdale Florida 6/29/93. This was when Trent Reznor was signing Marilyn Manson to Nothing Records. As well, Tim Malvita aka Carrera played guitar while Scott Putesky aka Daisy Berkowitz played keybords for REDNECKS on DRUGS. The current work of Tim Malvita is DARK STAR REVOLT,.the DVD of the video "AMERICA" is out nationwide, this song won the international songwriting of the year in the U.K. London "2008". It was written by Tim Malvita, current guitarist, bassist, writer and owner of DARK STAR REVOLT.

 "KILLING SILENCE" were featured on the 

"1994" SLAMMIES C.D.,including JACK off JILL,..LOAD,..TENSION and many other great South Florida Bands.The CD is still available. Tim Malvita as well played guitar in "REDNECKS on DRUGS" with Scott Putesky aka Daisy Berkowitz,.. at this point Tim Malvita played guitar as Scott Putesky took role as keyboardist. This was 1999-2000,.. (R.O.D.)Rednecks on Drugs. Tim Malvita and Scott Putsetky were writing the material,.. the original LINE-UP for (R.O.D.)

  (VOCALS) Rich Pierce
  (GUITAR) Tim Malvita
  (BASS)  Rich Penny
  (KEYBOARDS) Scott Putesky
  (ELECTRIC DRUMS) Joey Zambrana
  (ACOUSTIC DRUMS) Smoothie Jimmy Bo-Bo

In 2005,Tim Malvita created

DARK STAR REVOLT,..original members: Guitarist,.writer owner (Tim Malvita), Vocals (Jay Shafer) Bass (Chris Sanges) Drums (Aaron Russell),..this band had much success with these members 2005-2007. After "Jay Shafer" (Vocalist) moved back to New Jersey,."Tim Malvita" wrote the song "AMERICA" which featured a new vocalist who is known as Martina Mehta,.. and goes by the name "America". This song won an award over seas which gave DARK STAR REVOLT some new blood. With new singer AMERICA,..the band is now in the studio and about to release a full length album..The title you ask??? well,..its the long awaited release "NEWS @ 11:00".