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Hi, i'm Shawn and i'm 20 years old from Manchester, UK. I moved from Manchester to London in late 2011 to start a BA Honors Degree in Film and i'm currently studying in my 2nd year. I enjoy listening to music of varied genres, shooting and editing film, writing scripts, essays and short stories and I also add to a blog (perhaps not as often as i'd like to) where I review concerts, films and write about such things as social issues and theology.


I've been a huge Manson fan for many years now, since 2003. My mother was very judgemental and closed-minded of Manson and his message at the time and wouldn't allow me to pursue my interest in him, this led to covert trips into town to buy all of his records. I've been hooked on his music ever since. Of course his music is brilliant but his message and outlook are also very important to me. He is an extremely intelligent and important person and I value him very highly.

Mechanical Animals was the first of his albums I bought, probably due to nothing more than the superb cover at first, but it remains my favourite album. Manson was a gateway artist whom introduced me to many others such as The Beatles and David Bowie just to name a few. Marilyn Manson is the reason I enjoy the music I do.

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London O2, 2012[edit]

London, Brixton, 2012[edit]

My review of the gig can be found on my Blog

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