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JarvisGanon (Kevin Clark) is a Pennsylvanian student and a Senior Editor of MansonWiki.

Introduction to Marilyn Manson[edit]

JarvisGanon's interest in Marilyn Manson began when researching various subjects of the links between media and violence in early 2007; most notably, the Columbine High School Massacre. The name "Marilyn Manson" had appeared multiple times during research but was not very familiar with him beyond casual references that were heard/seen in the past. To cure the increasingly high sense of curiosity, JarvisGanon had decided to look to the popular video website YouTube for answers. Jarvis had stumbled upon various interviews and speeches given by Manson and was incredibly impressed by how intelligent the opinions of the artist were and how well they coincided with his own, but the same did not fit his opinion of Manson's music. At first, Jarvis was uninterested with the musical aspect of Marilyn Manson, but slowly he began to enjoy more and more of his work. Few songs were instantly embraced, but ones such as "Rock Is Dead", "The Fight Song", and "The Dope Show" (which continue to be among his favorites) were well liked from the beginning. It had taken several months before he had become a fan of the band, having started gaining interest around February of 2007 and finally considering himself to be a fan by summer.

Involvement in MansonWiki[edit]

JarvisGanon had registered an account on MansonWiki in fall of 2007 after finding it in the "Related Links" section of the Wikipedia article of the band. Early edits involved filling out music video information to the respectable song articles and removing spam (the latter being the primary reason he was given administrator status). His more recent edits usually involve general maintenance of the Wiki, including fixing spelling and grammatical errors and helping the Wiki retain its encyclopedic nature. His current projects include helping complete the Quick Index and the "Recurring lyrics in Marilyn Manson's music" article.

Contacting JarvisGanon[edit]

Jarvis is active on the MansonWiki forums and can be reached via a private message, e-mail, or with Windows Live Messenger. To e-mail him or add his Windows Live Messenger account to your contact list, use this address: JarvisGanon is also active on