Tony Wiggins

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Tony Wiggins as seen in The Long Hard Road Out of Hell.

Tony F. Wiggins was the tour bus driver for Danzig during the 1995 Danzig 4p Tour. He befriended Marilyn Manson, Twiggy Ramirez and Madonna Wayne Gacy during the tour and went on backstage drug binges, perverse acts and other unusual escapades with them. Manson claims that Wiggins was indirectly responsible for his disappearing innocence and human emotions on the road.

The most well known and notorious of Wiggins related events was a series of backstage makeshift torture, interviews and confessions administered by himself, Manson, Twiggy and Pogo to disturbed, emotionally unstable and otherwise strange individuals who were both strangers and Marilyn Manson fans alike.

After the tour, mention of Wiggins or any affiliation of with him was unknown. The current condition of their relationship is at best, a crucial part of Marilyn Manson history.