The Disintegrator

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Marilyn Manson as The Disintegrator, as seen in the Antichrist Superstar artwork

The Disintegrator is a character that is part of the Antichrist Superstar album. It is also the last cycle in many that started with The Worm and then Little Horn.

The Disintegrator first appears in the song Kinderfeld, talking to himself, speaking the lines "This is what you should fear, you are what you should fear," a line that also appears in Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes. The Disintegrator is an inhuman being that is devoid of any to all human emotion and feeling. He is all powerful and is considered Godlike in stature. His fall from power is due to his own misuse and his own limitless power. He destroys everyone around him as well as himself. This is referenced in the song The Reflecting God.

Other songs that reference The Disintegrator most are Antichrist Superstar, 1996 and Man That You Fear.


  • The Disintegrator is actually Manson's own perception of himself as manifested in his dreams, via 1995 and 1996.