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Personal commentary[edit]

Review by J7

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Cake and Sodomy was the first real song off the album, and what a perfect introduction of Marilyn Manson it was to the world. “I am the God of Fuck.” The filthy drum beat and the low bass entice you along with themes of moral and sexual boundaries, but as Manson said himself, it’s “an Anthem about hypocritical Americans slobbering on the tit of Christianity, and was a blueprint for our future message.” Brian wrote the song after spending hours in a hotel room in South Florida, having just discovered public access television for the first time. The line, “Cash in hand and dick on screen, who said God was ever clean?” came from watching Pat Robertson preach about godless American society, then asking people to call him with their credit card number; while on another channel, a guy was rubbing his cock with Vaseline and asking people to call and give him their credit card number. Filled with anger and sardonicism, Cake and Sodomy perfectly embodies the Portrait of an American Family e