Support for Danzig's Danzig 4p Tour

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Support for Danzig's 4p Tour
4p poster
North America tour by Marilyn Manson
Supporting album Portrait of an American Family
Start date 1995/03/24 San Francisco, California
End date 1995/05/14 Orlando, Florida
Legs 1
Shows 35
Marilyn Manson tour chronology
Portrait of an American Family
Support for Danzig's 4p Tour
Smells Like Children Tour

Danzig's Danzig 4p tour was the third tour Marilyn Manson embarked on, under management of major record label Interscope Records. They were an opening act for Danzig. The band was on the tour from March 24, 1995 until May 14, 1995. The popular new metal band Korn was also an opening act on this tour, as this was their first major tour.



The following setlist is a generalization of the tracks performed during Marilyn Manson's opening act, in the order they were most commonly performed.

  1. "Cake and Sodomy"
  2. "Cyclops"
  3. "Snake Eyes and Sissies"
  4. "Dope Hat"
  5. "Organ Grinder"
  6. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
  7. "Get Your Gunn"
  8. "Dogma"
  9. "Come Together"
  10. "My Monkey"
  11. "Misery Machine"

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Location Venue
1995/03/24 San Francisco California Flag-us.png Warfield Theatre
1995/03/25 Los Angeles California Flag-us.png Universal Amphitheater
1995/03/26 San Diego California Flag-us.png Starlight Ballroom
1995/03/28 Las Vegas Nevada Flag-us.png Huntridge Theater
1995/03/30 Colorado Springs Colorado Flag-us.png Colorado Springs Auditorium
1995/04/01 Albuquerque New Mexico Flag-us.png Convention Center
1995/04/02 El Paso Texas Flag-us.png County Coliseum
1995/04/04 Austin Texas Flag-us.png Austin Coliseum
1995/04/05 Corpus Christi Texas Flag-us.png Johnnyland
1995/04/07 St. Louis Missouri Flag-us.png American Theatre
1995/04/08 Kansas City Missouri Flag-us.png Memorial Hall
1995/04/10 Omaha Nebraska Flag-us.png Mancuso Hall
1995/04/11 Sioux Falls South Dakota Flag-us.png Pomp Room
1995/04/13 Fargo North Dakota Flag-us.png Civic Memorial
1995/04/14 St. Paul Minnesota Flag-us.png Roy Wilkens Auditorium
1995/04/15 Davenport Iowa Flag-us.png Palmer Auditorium
1995/04/17 Peoria Illinois Flag-us.png Madison Theatre
1995/04/18 Columbus Ohio Flag-us.png Newport Music Hall
1995/04/19 Kalamazoo Michigan Flag-us.png Wings Stadium
1995/04/21 Detroit Michigan Flag-us.png State Theatre
1995/04/22 Louisville Kentucky Flag-us.png Louisville Gardens
1995/04/23 Akron Ohio Flag-us.png Akron Rhoades Arena
1995/04/25 Utica New York Flag-us.png Utica Auditorium
1995/04/26 Red Bank New Jersey Flag-us.png Count Basie Theatre
1995/04/28 New Britain Connecticut Flag-us.png The Sting
1995/04/29 Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Flag-us.png FM Kirby Center
1995/04/30 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Flag-us.png Golden Dome
1995/05/02(Unconfirmed)[1] Norfolk Virginia Flag-us.png Boathouse (Canceled)
1995/05/03 Myrtle Beach South Carolina Flag-us.png The Headroom
1995/05/05 Charlotte North Carolina Flag-us.png Ritz Capri
1995/05/06 Birmingham Alabama Flag-us.png Sloss Furnaces
1995/05/07 Knoxville Tennessee Flag-us.png Electric Ballroom
1995/05/09 Panama City Florida Flag-us.png Spinnakers (Canceled)[2]
1995/05/10 Jacksonville Florida Flag-us.png Club 5
1995/05/12 Sunrise Florida Flag-us.png Sunrise Musical Theatre
1995/05/13 Tampa Florida Flag-us.png Patriot Center
1995/05/14 Orlando Florida Flag-us.png The Edge




  • The performance in Norfolk, Virginia on May 2, 1995 was canceled due to injuries of Marilyn Manson's live bassist Twiggy Ramirez.
  • Manson met and befriended brief collaborator and friend, Tony Wiggins, during this tour. He was Danzig's tour bus driver.


  1. Please see Talk:1995/05/02 Norfolk, VA