Self Destruct

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Self Destruct
North America tour by Marilyn Manson
Supporting album Portrait of an American Family
Start date May 3, 1994
End date August 11, 1994
Shows 12
Marilyn Manson tour chronology
Marilyn Manson's independent touring
Self Destruct
Further Down the Spiral

Self Destruct was the first high-profile tour on which Marilyn Manson performed. After playing in Florida bars for the past four years, Marilyn Manson, having signed a contract with Interscope Records and now close to the completion of their debut album, Portrait of an American Family, left the comfort of Florida in May 1994 as the supporting act for Nine Inch Nails' Self Destruct tour. With two cancellations, Nine Inch Nails headlined 43 Self Destruct concerts, 12 of which Marilyn Manson opened.[1][2]



  1. "Prelude (The Family Trip)"
  2. "Organ Grinder"
  3. "Lunchbox"
  4. "Snake Eyes and Sissies"
  5. "Dope Hat" (with "Revelation #9" intro)
  6. "Get Your Gunn" (with "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" intro)
  7. "My Monkey"
  8. "Cake and Sodomy"
  9. "Misery Machine"

Opening songs[edit]

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Location Venue
1994/05/03 Dallas Texas Flag-us.png Bomb Factory
1994/05/04 Houston Texas Flag-us.png International Ballroom
1994/05/05 New Orleans Louisiana Flag-us.png State Palace Theater
1994/05/07 Chicago Illinois Flag-us.png Riviera Nightclub
1994/05/08 Detroit Michigan Flag-us.png State Theatre
1994/05/14 New York City New York Flag-us.png Roseland Ballroom
1994/05/15 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Flag-us.png Tower Theatre
1994/07/29 Atlanta Georgia Flag-us.png Fox Theater
1994/07/30 Atlanta Georgia Flag-us.png Fox Theater
1994/08/03 Poughkeepsie New York Flag-us.png Mid-Hudson Civic Center
1994/08/06 Barrie Ontario Flag-ca.png Molson Park
1994/08/11 Fairfax Virginia Flag-us.png Patriot Center


  1. The NIN Hotline
  2. 'We started touring with (Nine Inch) Nails in early May - right after filming Get Your Gunn.' - Scott Mitchell