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Say10 cover
Studio album by Marilyn Manson
A preview of this album is currently not available
Marilyn Manson chronology
The Pale Emperor

In June 2015, Marilyn Manson suggested the band was working on a new album: “I explored the blues but now I’m working on a country record – death country.” [1]

Later that month, on an AMA[2], Manson hinted at further projects, "And I plan on starting, maybe this week or next week when I've got some time, with starting with Twiggy on going back to the core of where Marilyn Manson started. And there's a strong possibility of doing something with Billy Corgan, while we're out on the road together. And Jonathan Davis from KORN and I plan on doing something together". The fact that Jonathan Davis is also planning on doing a country record[3] might be a sign that the "death country" record isn't going to be a Marilyn Manson album. Still on the Marilyn Manson album, he says "So I think that starting another album with Twiggy, because Twiggy was not involved in The Pale Emperor - I think that, if you want to call it, the "throwback sound" - will work its way into there, with a natural way of happening, now that he and I are together. That'll come back."

On July 18, 2016, at the Alternative Press Music Awards Marilyn Manson announced in an interview the new album will be titled Say10, when spoken aloud a play on the name Satan, and would be released on February 14 2017, however it was not released on that day.[4]


TwitterBird.png marilynmanson: SAY10

Marilyn Manson announces the new album

On November 8, 2016 a "Say10" music video clip was published at the Daily Beast website article Marilyn Manson’s Shocking Trump Video.


This is not an actual tracklist, but it contains songs most likely to be released in the album:

  • "Say10" (probably stylized as "SAY10")

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