Recurring lyrics in Marilyn Manson's music

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This page lists lyrics of songs by Marilyn Manson which incorporate similar elements thematically, as well as lyrics which are identical or near-identical.

Lyrics that are italicized were not written by Marilyn Manson.

This list is incomplete.

















  • "Get My Rocks Off": "Some men need two women, some need alcohol"
  • "Doppelherz": "Stop rehearsing alcohol and start performing narcotics"



Other Narcotics[edit]


  • "Dope Hat": "Stars and pills and needles dance before our eyes"
  • "The Suck for Your Solution": "You're kissing me like benzocaine with your sleeping pill eyes"
  • "Coma White": "A pill to make you numb / A pill to make you dumb / A pill to make you anybody else"
  • ""President Dead"": "Give the pills time to work"
  • "The Death Song": "We take a pill"
  • "Devour": "I'll swallow up all of you / Like a big bottle of big, big pills"

Eating young[edit]


  • "The Fight Song": "You'll never grow up to be a big-rock-star-celebrated-victim-of-your-fame"
  • "(s)AINT": "You said I tasted famous, so I drew you a heart"
  • "Slutgarden": "The say they don't want fame But they get famous, When we fuck"
  • "Para-noir": "I'd fuck you because you are famous"
  • "EAT ME, DRINK ME": "it's no wonder our stage clothes have dreams to be famous."











Covered in my honey, too dumb to see"


  • "Mechanical Animals": "I'm just a boy Playing the Suicide King"
  • "Spine of God": "Peace is what you get from the Chemical King"
  • "GodEatGod": "Dear god the paper says you were the King" and "Dear John and all the King's men Can't put your head together again"
  • "In the Shadow of the Valley of Death": "and I wish that I could be the king"
  • "The Fall of Adam": "The Abraham Lincoln town cars arrive to dispose of our king and queen"
  • "King Kill 33°": "and I want you now to just kill the king..." and "King Kill 33"
  • "This Is Halloween": "Our man Jack is king of the pumpkin patch Everyone hail to the Pumpkin King"


Like/love you damaged[edit]












  • "Strange Same Dogma": "no age no pain no grey hair"
  • "Junk the Magic Dragon": "Love will always end, it ends in pain"
  • "She's Not My Girlfriend": "I read what she's about and she's Filled with words that hurt it goes Suck suck" and "My perception of sin Is filled with pain and fear And doubt"
  • "Thrift": "I love the pain you give me, this hurting feels like love to me"
  • "Filth": "This won't hurt...You should eat the shit you speak"
  • "Scapegoat": "Pain"
  • "Tourniquet": "if it hurts just tell me"
  • "Minute of Decay": "a lack of pain, a lack of hope, a lack of anything to say"
  • "Man That You Fear": "pray until you're number, asleep from all your pain"
  • "Long Hard Road Out of Hell": "You never said forever, could ever hurt like this"
  • "The Speed of Pain": "I wanna outrace the speed of pain for another day"
  • "Fundamentally Loathsome": "I want to wake up in your world With no pain"
  • "Suicide Is Painless": "The pains that are withheld for me" and "Suicide is painless" and "It doesn't hurt when it begins" and "The pain grows stronger... Watch it grin..."
  • "Working Class Hero": "Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all" and "They hurt you at home and they hit you at school"
  • "Tainted Love": "I've got to Get away From the pain you drive in the heart of me" and "I love you though you hurt me so"
  • "Redeemer": "So instead you'll taste my pain"
  • "mOBSCENE": "Waltzing to scum and base and Married to the pain"
  • "Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth": "I'm on a campaign for pain"
  • "Para-noir": "I'd fuck you to make the pain go away"
  • "Vodevil": "No concept of pain, right to complain"
  • "They Said That Hell's Not Hot": "It was never about her, it was about the hurt."
  • "Evidence": "I want your pain to taste why you're ashamed"
  • "Doppelherz"/"Devour": "My pain is not ashamed to repeat itself"
  • "Pretty as a Swastika": "let me show you where it hurts"
  • "Leave a Scar": "if your not afraid of getting hurt then I am not afraid of how much I hurt you"
  • "Unkillable Monster": "how the fuck are we supposed to know if we're in love or if we're pain" and "are we in love or are we in pain?"
  • "No Reflection": "This will hurt you worse than me" and "Made of scars and filled with my old wounds"
  • "Pistol Whipped": "Don't wanna hit you but the only thing between our love is a bloody nose, busted lip and a blackened eye," "I'm fucking pistol-whipped," "When I undo my belt, you melt and you walk away with a red, red, red welt" and "I wanna have your ache and beat you too"


  • "Get Your Gunn": "get your gunn"
  • "Posthuman": "She wants me to be Perfect like Kennedy" and "In all of her dreams She's a saint like Jackie-O"
  • "Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)": "Am I sorry you killed the Kennedy's, and Huxley too? But I'm sorry Shakespeare was your scapegoat" and "Am I sorry for Booth and Oswald, pinks and cocaine too?"
  • "Cruci-Fiction in Space": "if Jack was the Baptist we'd drink wine from his head"
  • "A Place in the Dirt": "the Mary-whore is at the bed"
  • "Lamb of God": "The camera will make you god that's how Jack became sainted" and "There was Lennon in the happy gun" and "we were looking for Mark David"
  • "The Fall of Adam": "The Abraham Lincoln town cars arrive to dispose of our king and queen"
  • "The Golden Age of Grotesque": "The devils are girls with Van Goh's missing ear"





Sexually Related[edit]



Slitting wrists[edit]





  • "Lunchbox": "i wanna be a big rock and roll star"
  • "Dope Hat": "stars and pills and needles dance before our eyes"
  • "Rock 'n' Roll Nigger": "and the world spreads its legs / for another fuckin' star"
  • "Little Horn": "the world spreads its legs for another star"
  • "Deformography": "when you wish upon your star / don't let yourself fall, fall in too hard", "rock star yeah (you're such a dirty, dirty) / rock star yeah (dirty, dirty, dirty), and "i'm such a dirty Rock star yeah..."
  • "Mister Superstar": "Hey Mr. Superstar", "hey mr. porno star, I, I, I, I want you", "hey mr. sickly star", "hey mr. fallen star", "hey mr. big rock star", and "superstar, superfuck baby..."
  • "Antichrist Superstar": "now you'll see your star"
  • "1996": "here's your antichrist superstar"
  • "Great Big White World": "In space the stars are no nearer"
  • "The Dope Show": "We're all stars now in the dope show"
  • "Mechanical Animals": "A manniqueen of depression / with the face of a dead star"
  • "Posthuman": ""Show me the dead stars, / All of them sing.""
  • "User Friendly": "User friendly fucking dopestar obscene"
  • "Untitled": "A city filled with dead stars and a girl I called Coma White"
  • "Diamonds & Pollen": "The face of a Dead Star"
  • "The Love Song": "I'm gonna be a star someday"
  • "The Fight Song": "You'll never grow up to be a big-rock-star-celebrated-victim-of-your-fame"
  • "Burning Flag": "We are all just stars and we're waiting / We are all just scarred and we're hating / We are all just stars on your burning flag"
  • "Ka-boom Ka-boom": "I'm a big star"
  • "EAT ME, DRINK ME": "But then our star rushes in, / feeling like a child and looking / like a woman..."
  • "Wight Spider": "i won't promise a star"






Recurring phrases[edit]

Backslashes (without spaces) denote that the word differs between songs. Parentheses denote that the word or phrase that appears is not present in at least one of the songs that share the lyrics.

  • "Cryptorchid"/"Antichrist Superstar": "Prick your finger it is done / The moon has now eclipsed the sun / The angel has spread its wings / The time has come for bitter things"
  • "Wormboy"/"Kinderfeld": "Then I got my wings and I never even knew it / when I was a worm, thought I wouldn't/couldn't get through it"
  • "Slutgarden"/"Doppelherz": "I'm/I am a VCR funeral of dead-memory waste", "My smile is a chainlink fence", and "Love the/your enemy, my/because love is thee enemy"
  • "Mister Superstar"/"Lunchbox": "(hey mr.) big rock star/(I wanna be a) big rock (and roll) star / "I wanna grow up (just like you)"/I wanna grow up"

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