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For the painting see Perou (painting)
Background information
Born May 1970
Origin British
Occupation(s) photographer
Years active 1994–present

Perou (Ralph John Perou) is a professional photographer. He has worked with such bands and artists as Coldplay, Damien Hirst, David Beckham, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, the Spice Girls, Tracey Emin, Dita Von Teese and U2. He has been one of the premier photographers of Marilyn Manson since 1998, with his most predominant period (from a fan's perspective) was during The Golden Age of Grotesque, Lest We Forget, Eat Me, Drink Me and Heaven Upside Down eras. He is also a member of the Celebritarian Corporation. Perou has stated in his online diary that Manson presented him with a unique Celebritarian Ring, featuring the Cross of Lorraine, constructed from black onyx and platinum, the only other of which Marilyn himself has; this seems to confirm an official affiliation with the movement.

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Photographs revealed by Perou in his Instagram[edit]

Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
sooo...i have been sorting through the archive of negs, contacts, polaroids, my director’s cut of some never-seen-by-anyone but yours truly @mrperou @marilynmanson #johnnydepp and @billyukich video AND all the digital files.
Now @peter_and_paul are putting them together before #marilynmanson hopefully puts pen to paper.
In the middle of all the boxes I was reminded that I used to shoot test polaroids before every set up I shot on film (between 1998 and 2004)
I have about a hundred, 1 of 1 original #polaroids of #Manson and I’m planning to put one in each of 100 special collectors’ editions of THE book.
Unlike prints, these are not reproducible.
I also have a box of c-type photographic prints from various shoots and some very special black and white hand prints of Manson at home which we shot for Q magazine back in the day.
One of each of these prints will be in another set of collectible editions of the book.
Oooooooo #special
OR maybe we’ll just hide a few randomly in copies that aren’t collectors’ editions: just to be kind?
#printsnotdead #collectable #collectible #collectibles #memorabilia #rockmemorabilia #rock #bookphotography #photography #photographybook #musicphotography
My agent @jsragency says he’ll happily sign any books or autograph chests.
Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
these mythical beasts: the lost tapes of MM.
On tour with @marilynmanson in 1999 I shot a lot of videos: live performance and #behindtheobscenes
They were cut together by brother @billyukich (is how we met) and a tight, censored 1hr edit was included at the back end of the ‘god is in the tv’ video anthology.
The director’s cut is 3hrs long and is UNcensored.
I have a copy.
@marilynmanson has a copy.
Manson gave a copy to #johhnydepp
Bill had a working copy but doesn’t anymore.
I don’t have a vhs player to view the tapes I have and their quality is unknown.
Going to check through them with bill next week in LA.
Hoping we can pull some grainy black and white stills off it.
Not that the book needs it: we already have 10x more pictures than we can fit in the book.
We should probably have done a photobook for each album instead of one covering 21yrs.
I still can’t believe it’s been 21 years 😳
#notcomingtoascreennearyousoon #notsuitablefortv #musicphotography #perouontour #vhs #ntsc #region1 #rock #marilynmanson #godisinthetv #lasttouronearth #archive #limitededition #rare #unseen #obscene #notforyoureyesonly
My agent @jsragency represents a videographer, big on Instagram, who specializes in authorized #sextapes
Instagram-icon.png mrperou:
#exclusive #outtake from the book of @marilynmanson photographs we’re still putting together.

Not enough pages to fit 21yrs of photos so here’s a #neverseenbefore shot from the filming of the #marilynmanson #mobscene video shot in #la in 2003
we continue.
expect more exclusive leaks leading to the release of the book.
details of the release to follow as soon as they’re confirmed.
Merry Christmas. Don’t say I never give you anything.
#perou #giveaway #bts #epic_captures #negativespace #goth #godoffuck #archive #tome #picturethis #rockphoto #scenesfromtheobscene #obscene #obsceneextreme
my agent @jsragency auditioned to be one of the chorus girls in mOBSCENE but he didn’t get the gig