Night on Bald Mountain

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"Night on Bald Mountain"
Song by Orchestra piece
Genre Classic
Composer Modest Mussorgsky
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"Night on Bald Mountain", also known as "A Night on Bare Mountain" was written in 1867 by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky.[1]

The composition series, once called "St. John's Eve" went through several transformations, partly due to the rewritings after the composer's death, especially by another composer named Rimsky-Korsakov.

The plot of the resulting work was described as a story about witches, Satan and the Sabbath.

The composition is most known for being the background music in Walt Disney's Fantasia, in the part that depicts a large demon.

"Night on Bald Mountain" was used during Marilyn Manson's The Golden Age of Grotesque Grotesk Burlesk tour as an intro with the first referable mention being for the Leuven, Belgium, June 17, 2003 performance.[2]


"Night on Bald Mountain" Excerpt
The Walt Disney version


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