Marilyn Manson in popular culture

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This is a list of appearances or references to Marilyn Manson in popular culture.


  • In the South Park episode "Prehistoric Ice Man," after the titular "caveman" escapes from the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch, the music video for Marilyn Manson's fictional "Stinky Britches" cover plays on televisions in a downtown display window Larry passes. This in turn references "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," a cover responsible for the band's early popularity in reality.
  • In the X-Files episode "Empedocles," FBI special agent Monica Reyes is called to New Orleans, Louisiana to investigate a crime scene allegedly related to Satanism. NOPD detective Franklin Potter suggests that the liner notes of Marilyn Manson's Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) are some indication that the culprit practices devil worship. Reyes however argues that "It's Marilyn Manson. Your kids listen to him. They probably buy his CDs at Kmart."
  • In the Family Guy episode "Saving Private Brian," Peter and Lois Griffin surmise that their son Chris' rebellious behaviour and the heavy metal band he joins are the result of the violent music he listens to, particularly Wu-Tang Clan and Marilyn Manson. The Griffins confront Manson at the Grammy Awards after-party and he agrees to talk to Chris, suggesting that his antisocial attitude may have been caused by a lack of involvement with his father, rather than his taste in music. The episode references Manson's recurring androgynous appearance, with Peter ranting upon seeing photos of Manson, "It's all him or her's fault. Who does he or she think he or she is? Look, you can totally see his or her nipples. That's obscene, maybe. [...] We gotta find this Marilyn Manson and I gotta give that bastard or bitch a piece of my mind or penis."