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Marilyn Manson Brasil, as of March 1st, 2010. Featuring the Holy Wood layout

Marilyn Manson Brasil (sometimes referred as MMBR) is a brazilian fan-site regarding Marilyn Manson and all things related. It is the most complete resource of information in Brazil, with many sections, such as Discography, Videography, Photo Gallery with more than 6,000 pics and much more.


Brazil already had some other fan-sites, but none of them as successful as Marilyn Manson Brasil. In late 2007, joint owner, Carry Culkin, came up with the idea to create a new fan-site, as in Brazil, Manson doesn't have the media attention that he deserves, and the band has a large fanbase in the country. On March 15, 2008 the site was launched as Mechanical Christ BR and since then, it has since undergone 3 modifications, with the definitive layout and content being launched on April, 2009 and the site being recognized by Universal Music in Brazil.

In the beginning of 2011, the website changed its name and domain and now it's called Marilyn Manson Brasil. It's the same website, but now with other name.


Today, the staff are: Carry Culkin (being the creator), Heather Quick (responsible for the news, translation, pictures, biographies, downloads and edition of the videos), Nina Bogo (pictures, biographies, downloads, edition of the videos and translation) and Lígia Freiberger (translation). Site collaborator, Fred Addams, also assists with translations.


On of the main focus of the site is the translation. Many brazilian fans do not have the ability of understand English, so, with that, MMBR started to translate all the articles from the website Nachtkabarett, as well video interviews - uploaded on Youtube - to help Brazilian fans to comprehend Manson's work.

Content and features[edit]

The site contains a unique feature; a layout for each era of the band, where the visitors can choose their favorite, as well the following sections:

  • Biography - all members and former members
  • Behind the Music - dedicated to the articles of Nachkabarett
  • Tours - All dates. From 1989 to date.
  • Pictures - Gallery with more than 6.000 pics of all members and former members
  • Videography - All videos, as well the VHs and DVDs
  • Interviews
  • Books
  • Downloads - Bootlegs
  • Discography
  • Lyrics
  • Soundtrack

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