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Voting now closed

Congratulations to:

  • Mafuyu Kuro-idol Kamizono - Cultice Manson Tattoo over all winner and winner of the Visual Art category with 24.19% of votes!
  • Burbonkid - II, winner of the Creative Writing category with 22.68% of votes.
  • Kit-Cat -"Sweet Dreams" winner of the audio/video category with 6.3% of votes

Round II - Your final 15 After much deliberation, MansonWiki administration have selected your final 5 from each category. Now it's your turn to vote to decide the winner.

MansonWiki staff would like to thank everyone who participated.

Good luck to all entrants.

Voting closes December 15th, 2013


Visual Art

Poetry and Creative Writing

Burbonkid - II

this is one day , when you have chance to win 
one sword , what are you prefer?
maybe that is love, trites choices for weakling 
maybe that is hate, something for desperate 
but you must choose reason, a sword for winner 

stand up and fight 
look , they are burning 
schow him your face 
permit to death 

destroy the world, with the power of silence 
save your soul, scream all you feeling 
live that, if nothing be important 
mechanical people, fall at your foot 
you are the winner, in the war of respect 

stand up and fight 
look , they are burning 
schow him your face 
permit to death 

my degenerate mind tell me 
that be a simply war 
cut the restricted rope 
destroy everything , that's enough

MissDeMena - The Pet

Hypocritical Humans - Cthulhu

where are you
the infants are turning
hypnotized and learning
passing threw
the fire
they are burning
Past is the past
It was the forgotten
Past was then
It repeats now
now I know the difference
Although I'm no different
you are about to witness an echo
you are about to step
foot in my shadow
just for today
don't forget to pray
there's not enough "god"'(s)
to wipe way your sins
never enough to care
to help
to win

you cant make me go back there
its not some thing I ran from
its something I chose to forget..
(beat by SADIKBeatz)

Memo - Goddess Of Moon

oh goddess of moon
make me your slave for tonight
I hear a voice telling me soon I will die !
watching angels softly cry
breathing fear to my heart
the fear that tearing me apart

I see the devils awaiting me !
soon there I will be
nothing will save me 
even your kiss !
proudly with a grin
I will receive my death

silent rage in my endless sleep
like a dream I am fading away !
( fading away )
will you hear my prays tonight ! 
( fading away )
oh goddess of moon
help me embrace thy light
as my sins is everlasting thus your beauty
my angels cries
their tears forever will be mine

oh goddess of moon
save my soul and might
I am gone with wind that cries
as their tears caresses me
I asked
how did I go this far !
how did I go this far !

hey angel !
alone in winter
I feel in your pain and sadness
but the goddess of moon refused to save my life !
I wished I could stay
I didnt forget my crimes
in darkness I hear your sound
in a nightmare of fears
I am drown down

in this cold world
I will suffer forever here
and I took all god sorries !
touching you
in twilight moon tone
in pain
with your hands on me
awake me in a pure life
that will never be
a million burning soul !!
forever forever

Marshallart26 - AngelicEncounters...

 One day, I heard Heaven falling from the skies. I could hear her cries clearly. So, I turned the corner and peered dearly
 into her eyes. She seemed a year or two older than I. I was still a baby, maybe sixteen at the time. I walked over, to hold
 her but she held me. She knelt me, before God and whispered all the secrets, that he had told her to tell me. But I couldn't
 pay attention because her lips compelled me. I grabbed her and kissed, with a risk so heavy. That only, Heaven could help me.
 She pushes me away gently and tells me, that this was and is, a modern day GardenOfEden. And there was a reason she had fallen
 from the sky. Her eyes tell the story. So I imply, that there's no need to even proceed to tell why. She smiles like a dream 
 and a tear streams from her eye. She protects me everyday and I still see her at times. She's with me, when I cry. And I always
 cry, when I see that angelic scene in her eye. I take the rose that she leaves and i don't even believe I'm alive. She said she
 saved me a place and that I have so much to see, when I die...


(Soundcloud: [1] Christy Clyde The Otherside] )

Christy Clyde - The Otherside

NoReason87 (Pablo Iranzo) "In The Eye Of The Storm"
Matt Perry "Fear the Nobodies"
Kit-Cat "Sweet Dreams"
(Anka) Macabre Pariah