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Marilyn Manson News

TETt 3 2015.jpg
Marilyn Manson - The Smashing Pumpkins tour announced

31 March 2015 | Source: | [Marilyn Manson - Smashing Pumpkin Announces 'The End Times' Tour|read more »]

Marilyn Manson Guest DJ Set at iHeartRadio
BHB Feb 14 15.png
Marilyn Manson to host the Black Heart Ball in Las Vegas tomorrow for Hyde Bellagio.

13 February 2015 | Source: | [Marilyn Manson To Host Las Vegas Black Heart Ball|read more »]

Postphoned poster 2015.jpg
Per the The Paramount, the January 27, 2015 performance has been postponed due to a blizzard.

27 January 2015 | Source: The Paramount facebook | [Second Marilyn Manson New York City Performance Canceled|read more »]

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