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This video surfaced on youtube on October 30, 2012 saying it was a Kerrang! interview from 2002. I haven't found a corresponding magazine interview to match this video yet. Also noted is that Manson speaks of being anxious to see what they did with the movie, indicating he hadn't seen it yet. The movie was released February 2002. Which possibly means this interview occurred at the end of 2001 or in January 2002. Manson also states he is currently recording his next album another clue. Also in this video, most of what the interviewer says is edited out, though it reveals it was a woman. It's also possible this was from a Kerrang! TV interview. Any more info on this vid or an uncut version would be most helpful. Thanks! Sumer - Senior Editor (talk) 19:13, 31 October 2012 (CET)