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[edit] OldDaysTransparent.png Spooky Kids era, 1989–1995

"We try to show people what they are afraid of. If they are disgusted they need to ask themselves why."
— Marilyn Manson, The Miami Herald (October 1991)
Article / Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
The First Marilyn Manson Radio Interview by Scott David 1990 WYNX-FM Radio Marilyn Manson
"The Manson Murders" by Todd Anthony September 4, 1991 Miami New Times Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids Interview by Mario Tarradell October 1991 The Miami Herald - South Florida Sounds Marilyn Manson &
The Spooky Kids
Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids Interview by Cathie Lucas July 24, 1992 Trax TV (Video) Marilyn Manson &
The Spooky Kids
"No Summer Vacation For Bands" by Sandra Schulman August 1992 Sun-Sentinel, Lifestyle Marilyn Manson
FOAAM Marilyn Manson Interview by June Westenburg 1992 FOAAM Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids
"Adam's Family Values" by Kelly Barbieriel 1994 Live Wire Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids
Marilyn Manson & Madonna Wayne Gacy Interview by George Petros 1994 Seconds Magazine Marilyn Manson & Madonna Wayne Gacy
Marilyn Manson Interview by Jeff Jolley 1994 Radio Alternative Digital Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview by Michael Workman 1994 Industrial Nation Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview by Ted B. Kissell May 1994 Miami Times Marilyn Manson
Rag Interviews Marilyn Manson by Crimson August 1994 Rag Marilyn Manson
Black Market Magazine Interview by Carl Schneider & Patti Meagherm September 1994 Black Market Magazine Marilyn Manson
Sara Lee Interviews Marilyn Manson September 24, 1994 Sara Lee Marilyn Manson
Phil Donahue Show October 1994 Phil Donahue Show Marilyn Manson
High Times Interview by Zena Tsarfin 1995 High Times Magazine Marilyn Manson
"CONFESSIONS OF AN ALL-AMERICAN ANTI-CHRIST" by Eric Snider February 17, 1995 Jam Magazine Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson: Offending People And Proud Of It" by Michael Stewart & Ely High School May 5, 1995 Sun-Sentinel Teentime! Marilyn Manson
Metal Edge Interview 1995 Metal Edge Magazine Marilyn Manson
"Richard Kern snapped and chatted to MARILYN MANSON for PURR" 1995 PURR Marilyn Manson
"Fear and Loathing in Jacksonville" by Leslie R. Marini August 1995 Rock Out Censorship Magazine (Issue No. 19) Marilyn Manson
"The Dark Adventures Of Marilyn Manson" by Del James October 1995 RIP Magazine Marilyn Manson
Spin Magazine Online • Live AOL Chat Q&A October 1995 Spin Magazine Online Marilyn Manson
Ballroom Interview November 9, 1995 Anal Retentive Marilyn Manson
Interview With Marilyn Manson by Dierdre Pearson November 1995 Underscope Marilyn Manson
Black Moon Interview by Lou Sorentino November 1995 Black Moon Magazine Marilyn Manson
Twiggy Ramirez Fan Interview by Melanie December 1995 Twiggy Ramirez
Guitar School Magazine Interview by Sam Retzer December 1995 Guitar School Magazine Daisy Berkowitz
The Gaston Gazette Interview by Derek Slaton December 4, 1995 The Gaston Gazette Madonna Wayne Gacy

[edit] AntichristTransparent.png Antichrist Superstar era, 1996–1997

"It kinda documents the time we spent in New Orleans."
— Marilyn Manson, DJ Blue (January 1996)
Article / Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
Intremixx Interview by Couzin Ed 1996 Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview with Axcess by Brian F. McCaughey 1996 Axcess Magazine Marilyn Manson
Pulse! Magazine Interviews Ginger Fish by Ken Micallef 1996 Pulse! Magazine Ginger Fish
Australian Interview 1996 Madonna Wayne Gacy
"I Think the Children Have Come for Me" by Boyd Rice 1996 Seconds Magazine Marilyn Manson
"The Voice of Generation Hex" by Chad Hensley 1996 Marilyn Manson
An Interview With The Honorable Reverend Marilyn Manson with DJ (Ben) Blue January 15, 1996 Marilyn Manson
MARILYN MANSON Family Values by John Pecorelli April 1, 1996 Alternative Press Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson, Satan's Sweetheart April 1, 1996 Paper Magazine Marilyn Manson
MTV 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield April 14, 1996 MTV 120 Minutes Marilyn Manson&Twiggy
AOL Chat With Marilyn Manson April 30, 1996 AOL Online Chat Marilyn Manson
Circus Magazine Interviews Marilyn Manson May 1996 Circus Magazine Marilyn Manson
CFNY 102.1 The Edge Radio Interview
with Martin Streek & Pete Fowler
May 30, 1996 CFNYs 102.1 The Edge, Toronto, CA Marilyn Manson
MTV's 1996 Headbangers Ball with Vanessa Varvick October 11, 1996 MTV Europe Marilyn Manson
& Twiggy Ramirez
"Sex! Murder! Mayhem! Marilyn Manson & The 100 Greatest Rock Nutters Of All Time" by Kevan Roberts November 2, 1996 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
Is Marilyn Manson Mainstream? by Interview by staff November 8, 1996 MTV News Marilyn Manson
"The First Revolutionary Act: Being One's Self" by Sean Coulter November 20, 1996 Aquarian Weekly Marilyn Manson
"Scary Monster, Super Freak" by Sean Plummer November 1996 Access Magazine Marilyn Manson
Circus Magazine December 1996 Circus Magazine Ginger Fish
and Zim Zum
Circus Magazine 1996 Circus Magazine Madonna Wayne Gacy
"Dangerous Minds" by Alan di Perna December 1996 Guitar World Marilyn Manson & Twiggy Ramirez
Alternative Nation Interview by Toby Amies January 1, 1997 Alternative Nation Marilyn Manson
Readers Poll Marilyn Manson Artist Of The Year by John Pecorelli February 1997 Alternative Press Marilyn Manson
Guitar School Interview February 1997 Guitar School Marilyn Manson
Twiggy Ramirez Zim Zum
Drum! Interview by Alan DiPerna February 1997 Drum! Ginger Fish
Interview with CNN's American Edge with David Mattingly February 15, 1997 CNN's American Edge Marilyn Manson
America's Most Wanted by Jayne Margetts April 1997 The Hydra Marilyn Manson
Folha de São Paulo (Brazilian Newspaper) May 8, 1997 Folha de São Paulo Marilyn Manson
"Ozzy Osbourne meets Marilyn Manson and all hell breaks loose" June 1997 Guitar World Marilyn Manson &
Ozzy Osbourne
"MARILYN MANSON The most dangerous man in America? by Caitlin Moran June 1997 Select Marilyn Manson
Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher August 13, 1997 Politically Incorrect Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson Talks About The Stage, The Screen, and Teen Suicide with Gabriella" August, 1997 NYROCK Marilyn Manson
Material World October, 1997 NME Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson @ CMJ MusicFest" by Jeff Apter October, 1997 NYROCK Marilyn Manson
"The Last Word" by Jason Arnopp 1997 Kerrang! Twiggy Ramirez
Interview:1997_RayGun by Dean Kuipers 1997 Ray Gun Magazine Marilyn Manson

[edit] MechanicalAnimalsTransparent.png Mechanical Animals era, 1998–1999

"It's kind of a reflection about the way animals react to stimulus."
— Marilyn Manson, Clarin (September 1998)
Article / Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
Late Show with David Letterman February 19, 1998 Late Show with David Letterman Marilyn Manson
Time Out - Talk Of The Devil by Gary Mulholland April 8, 1998 Time Out Magazine Marilyn Manson
Analog Abuse & Digital Depravity by Sean Beavan July 1998 EQ Magazine Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Aims to Change Tide of the Mainstream by Steve Hochman August 16, 1998 L.A. Times Marilyn Manson
Clarin Interview September 8, 1998 Clarin - Argentinian Newspaper Marilyn Manson
"I'm Having A Hard Time Fitting In" by Roger Morton September 12, 1998 NME Marilyn Manson
Kerrang! The Man Who Fell To Earth by Paul Elliott September 1998 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
The Hardest Working Antichrist in Hollywood by Gabriella September 1998 NYROCK.COM Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson After Shock by Robert Hilburn September 27, 1998 The L.A. Times Marilyn Manson
Politically Incorrect with Bill Mahar October 2, 1998 Politically Incorrect Marilyn Manson, and four other guests
"Marilyn Manson Hangs Up Another Persona" by John Wiederhorn October 1998 Pulse! Marilyn Manson
A Two-Part Interview With Scott Putesky October 1998 Rocktropolis Scott Putesky
Twiggy Ramirez Interview November 1998 Guitar World Twiggy Ramirez
"Zim Zum: Spreading the Virus" November 1998 Alternative Press Zim Zum
"Premonitions from Marilyn Manson's Lizard King" by Amy Doerschuk November 1998 Drum! Ginger Fish
"Marilyn Manson Omega Man" by Matt Ashare December 1998 CMJ Music Magazine Marilyn Manson
Interview:Marilyn Manson December 1998 Access Magazine Marilyn Manson
"THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS" December 1998 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
Interview with Zim Zum December 1998 Metal Edge Zim Zum
"Smells like Queen Spirit..." December 1998 Attitude Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson’s Mechanical Animal" by Gabriella 1998 Inside CX Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson - Spooky Pop Star On plotting to kill a girlfriend, joining the Church Of Satan and exactly why he’s like Monica Lewinsky" by Paul Elliot 1998 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview by Scott Thompson 1998 RayGun Marilyn Manson
"THE 2ND COMING" 1998 Juice Marilyn Manson
Twiggy Interview by Boyd Rice 1998 Seconds Magazine Twiggy
Marilyn Manson Interview by Adam Spencer January 21, 1999 Triple J Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson's Big Day Out" by Jabba January 23, 1999 Channel V - Sydney, AU Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez Interview by Crud January 25, 1999 Triple M Marilyn Manson & Twiggy Ramirez
"Animal Magnetism - Apocalyptic Couch Talk With Marilyn Manson" by Tom Lanham February 26, 1999 Bam Marilyn Manson
"NUMBERS RACKET" by Tom Beaujour March 1999 Guitar World John 5
"'Mechanical' Reaction" by Mike Boehm March 12, 1999 L.A. Times Marilyn Manson
"MANSONWORLD" April 1, 1999 Alternative Press Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview with Cane of K-Rock Radio April 3, 1999 K-Rock Radio Marilyn Manson
"The Strife Of Brian" June 1999 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
"Revelations of an Alien-Messiah" by Paul Gargano June 1999 Metal Edge Magazine Marilyn Manson
Webcasted Telephone Fan Conference July 29, 1999 Webcasted Telephone Fan Conference Marilyn Manson
Keeping the Fear Alive: Marilyn Manson by Chris Murray August 1999 Seven Magazine Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson: Moral Minority" by Steffan Chirazi September 1, 1999 Launch Marilyn Manson
Ginger Fish Interview 1999 Guitar Center Ginger Fish
"Antichrist Sweetheart Marilyn Manson talks...about chickens, his mom, Courtney and the whole damn thing" by Lisa Anthony 1999 What! Marilyn Manson
"MANSON FAMILY VALUES" 1999 NME Music Magazine Marilyn Manson
"Seems Like Salvation" Zim Zum Interview by Christina Radish 1999 Seems Like Salvation, a now obsolete Marilyn Manson news site. Zim Zum
Ground Zero Marilyn Manson Video Interview 1999 Marilyn Manson

[edit] HolyWoodTransparent.png Holy Wood era, 2000–2001

"This is the first time that Marilyn Manson sounds like a band."
— Marilyn Manson, Kerrang! (February 2000)
Article / Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
"Interview:Dec 1999 Marilyn Manson Last Poll Of The Century" December 15, 1999 Rolling Stone Marilyn Manson
""Marilyn Manson Speaks Out Against Violence. Disinformation Conference" 2000 Disinformation Conference Marilyn Manson
An Exclusive Interview with Zim Zum May 2000 Zim Zum
120 Channels July 2000 120 channels Marilyn Manson
Interview:2000/08/05_Kerrang! August 5, 2000 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
"The Third Face of Marilyn Manson" by Steve Hochman August 17, 2000 Rolling Stone Marilyn Manson
Metal Hammer Interview by Ibrahim Michael August, 2000 Metal Hammer Marilyn Manson
Kerrang! Awards August, 2000 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
"The Rock Show" with Mary Anne Hobbs August, 2000 BBC Radio 1, The Rock Show Marilyn Manson
"I Don't Hate Journalists, I Just Feel Better When They're Not Around" September 2000 NY Rock Marilyn Manson
NME Magazine September 9, 2000 NME Magazine Marilyn Manson
"MTV Diary" September 25, 2000 MTV Marilyn Manson
"MTV Diary" September 26, 2000 MTV Marilyn Manson
"MTV Diary" September 29, 2000 MTV Marilyn Manson
"MTV Diary" October 1, 2000 MTV Marilyn Manson
"AOL Live" with LiveDrew October 31, 2000 AOL Live Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson Muses On Politics As He Prepares For Tour" October 2000 Star Tribune Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson Has a Secret" by Tucker Carlson November 2000 Talk Magazine Marilyn Manson
""Death Was Waiting At My Door"" by Tom Lanham November 1, 2000 Alternative Press Marilyn Manson
"Kerrang! - Meet Your New Editor..." November 11, 2000 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
Kerrang! - Twiggy Ramirez November 11, 2000 Kerrang! Twiggy
Kerrang! speaks to Madonna Wayne Gacy November 11, 2000 Kerrang! Madonna Wayne Gacy
Kerrang! speaks to Ginger Fish November 11, 2000 Kerrang! Ginger Fish
Kerrang! speaks to John 5 November 11, 2000 Kerrang! John 5
""Destiny's Child" by Chuck Palahniuk December 2000 Gear Magazine Marilyn Manson
"No Regrets" with Kurt Loder December 2000 MTV Marilyn Manson Interview by Greg York 2000 John 5
"Revolution in Action" January 8, 2001 Rock Sound Magazine Marilyn Manson
"A Re-Examination" by Greg Burk January 10, 2001 LA Weekly Marilyn Manson
Drum! Interview January 2001 Drum! Ginger Fish
"Scenes from Holy Wood" January 2001 Guitar World Magazine Twiggy & John 5
Kerrang! January 2001 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
"THE PERFORMER WHO'S NOT AFRAID TO PUSH BUTTONS--ESPECIALLY IF THEY'RE MARKED "DANGER"" by Anita Sarko February 2001 Interview Magazine Marilyn Manson
Hot Press Interview" February 2001 Hot Press Magazine Marilyn Manson
"Tinseltown Rebellion: Marilyn Manson in the City of Angels" by Chris Simunek February 2001 High Times Marilyn Manson
"A DAY IN THE LIFE OF.." February 2001 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
"Kerrang! speaks to Zim Zum" February 2001 Kerrang! Zim Zum
"Maz's Arresting Comments" February 2001 Marilyn Manson
"MANSON ON GODHEAD" February 17, 2001 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
"Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher" April 6, 2001 Politically Incorrect Marilyn Manson
Herald Sun Interview by Neala Johnson May 5, 2001 Herald Sun Marilyn Manson
"NARDWUAR VS. MARILYN MANSON" by Nardwuar May 5, 2001 Marilyn Manson
"Love and War and The Price of Fame" May 2001 NY Rock Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson: Moral Minority" by Steffan Chirazi May, 2001 Metal Edge Marilyn Manson
"Guns, God and Government" June 6, 2001 Marilyn Manson
The O'Reilly Factor August 8, 2001 The O'Reilly Factor Marilyn Manson
"The Wizard Of Odd" by Jeff Perlah October 10, 2001 Onstage Marilyn Manson
The Interview by Anthony DeCurtis 2001 Marilyn Manson
Interview with 2001 Ginger Fish
Radio 1 TV UK Interview 2001 Radio 1 TV UK Marilyn Manson

[edit] GoldenAgeTransparent.png The Golden Age of Grotesque era, 2002–2004

"It's very Marquis De Sade-inspired."
— Marilyn Manson, Alternative Press (February 2002)
Article / Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
"Marilyn Manson on Redeemer & More" 2002 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson Interview" February 2002 Alternative Press Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson Interview with Mary Anne Hobbs" March 12, 2002 Rock Show Marilyn Manson
"Paranoia. Jail sentences. September 11. And kittens?" by Ian Winwood March 23, 2002 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Dinner For Five May 6, 2002 Dinner For Five Marilyn Manson & three guests
"Marilyn Manson Interview with Alexander" July 6, 2002 The Hierophant Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson Gets Hanged" September 24, 2002 MTV Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson interview by Cyril Helnwein" by Cyril Helnwein October, 2002 Marilyn Manson
"The Death Parade" December, 2002 Metal Hammer Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson Interview" December, 2002 Playboy Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson Interview" April 14, 2003 MTV Select Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview with Mary Anne Hobbs April 22, 2003 Rock Show Marilyn Manson
"'I was kind of a disturbed kid'" May 4, 2003 Observer Marilyn Manson
"Survival of the Filthiest" by Dan Epstein May 2003 Revolver Marilyn Manson
"The Life Of Brian. War. Despair. Violence." May 2003 The Face Marilyn Manson
"In Your Face" May 2003 Blender Marilyn Manson
"Lounge Act" by Catherine Yates May 2003 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
Golden Age of Grotesque Album Review May 2003 Metal Hammer Marilyn Manson
"Seriously Shocking" by Cameron Adams May 24, 2003 The Courier Mail Marilyn Manson
"Monsters of Summer" June 12, 2003 Rolling Stone Marilyn Manson
"About A Ghoul" by Ben Mitchell June 2003 Q Magazine Marilyn Manson
60 Minutes with Marilyn Manson's John5" by Alan Di Perna June 2003 Guitar World John 5
Marilyn Manson Interview" by Chuck Klosterman June 13, 2003 SPIN Marilyn Manson
"Doing His Part To Keep American Art Dangerous" by Ernest. A. Jasmin July 11, 2003 News Tribune Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview by Jeff Niesel July 16, 2003 Cleveland Free Times Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview by Rev. Moose July 2003 Outburn Magazine Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview July 2003 Details Magazine Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson Morphs Again" by Sandra Barrera July 18, 2003 LA Daily News Marilyn Manson
Pogo: aka Madonna Wayne Gacy Interview by Boyd Rice July 2003 Dagobert's Revenge Madonna Wayne Gacy
"Marilyn Manson And The Artistry Inside His Head" by Chris Macias August 03, 2003 Delaware Online Marilyn Manson
Hierophant Interview: Gidget Gein by Alexander August 6, 2003 The Hierophant Bradley Mark Stewart aka Gidget Gein
Marilyn Manson Interview August 24, 2003 St. Petersburg Times Marilyn Manson
"The Golden Age Is Upon Us" by Paul Gargano September 2003 Metal Edge Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview by Emma Brockes December 1, 2003 The Guardian Marilyn Manson
The Sharon Osbourne Show Marilyn Manson Interview December 2003 The Sharon Osbourne Show Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview December 2003 NME Marilyn Manson
MTV2 Rock Interview 2003 MTV2 Rock Marilyn Manson
John5 Interview by Phil Ascott February 2004 Guitarist John 5
"The Last American Hero" by JT LeRoy March 2004 i-D Marilyn Manson
Tim Skold Interview by .tim March 30, 2004 The Hierophant Tim Skold
"The Story Behind Holywood" April 2004 Metal Hammer Marilyn Manson
"How Does The God Of Fuck Handle Supermarkets?" April 2004 Q Magazine Marilyn Manson
Interview With Marilyn Manson by Evie Sullivan July 15, 2004 Inrock And News Marilyn Manson

[edit] LestWeForgetTransparent.png Lest We Forget era, 2004–2006

Article / Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
Marilyn Manson Interview 2004 Popworld Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview 2004 4Music Marilyn Manson
MTV Last Call with Carson Daly September 18, 2004 MTV Marilyn Manson
"Anti-Careerist Superstar" October 9, 2004 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson Interview November 9, 2004 Fuse Daily Download Marilyn Manson
"Alien Autopsy" February 2005 Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine Marilyn Manson & David Duchovny
Marilyn Manson Interview October 2005 SPIN Marilyn Manson
"Dramatic New Scenes for Celebritarian Needs" by Alex Henken November 3, 2005 The Heirophant Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson - Danny Elfman Nightmare Before Christmas October 19, 2006 youtube Marilyn Manson
& Danny Elfman

[edit] EMDMTransparent.png
Eat Me, Drink Me era, 2007–2008

Article / Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
"Manson's Dark Return" by Austin Scaggs March 10, 2007 Rolling Stone Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson Lays Soul Bare" April 2007 Rock Sound Marilyn Manson
"Q&A: Marilyn Manson by Henry Rollins" by Henry Rollins April 13, 2007 The Henry Rollins Show Marilyn Manson
"Q&A: Marilyn Manson with Zane Lowe" April 17, 2007 BBC Radio 1 Marilyn Manson
"FEEDING FRENZY" by Dan Epstein May 2007 Revolver Marilyn Manson
"Q&A: Marilyn Manson" May 2007 Rock Mag Marilyn Manson
"Red Carpet Grave" by Alex Henken May 12, 2007 The Heirophant Marilyn Manson
"The Last Rock Star?" by Jonathan Ames May 17, 2007 SPIN Marilyn Manson
"Alejandro Jodorowsky Interviews Marilyn Manson" by Alejandro Jodorowsky May 18, 2007 Marilyn Manson
"The Passion of the Anti-Christ Superstar" by by Jeremy Abbott July 2007 i-D Marilyn Manson
"Everyone Will Suffer Now" by Alex Henken January 12, 2008 The Heirophant Marilyn Manson
"Interview with Marilyn Manson: A Musical Apocalypse: The Return Of Manson And Ramirez" by Patrick Slevin January 23, 2008 The Aquarian Weekly Marilyn Manson
"Interview With Your Vampire" by Michael Hamersly February 4, 2008 PopMatters Marilyn Manson

[edit] HighLowTransparent.png The High End of Low era, 2009–2010

Article / Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
"I Gave Myself 158 Scars in One Day" by Katie Parsons March 18, 2009 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
"Q&A: Marilyn Manson" May 2009 ShockHound Marilyn Manson & Twiggy
"Q&A: Marilyn Manson" by Lauren E. Bohn May 26, 2009 TIME Marilyn Manson
"Interview: Marilyn Manson" by John Doran May 26, 2009 The Stool Pigeon Marilyn Manson
"Twiggy Pop" May 27, 2009 Rock Hard №90 Marilyn Manson
"Q&A: Marilyn Manson" by Rosanna Greenstreet June 6, 2009 The Guardian Marilyn Manson
"Q&A: Marilyn Manson" by William Goodman June 24, 2009 SPIN Marilyn Manson
"Redemption-Process" by Sascha Blach July 28, 2009 Zillo: Das Musikmagazin Marilyn Manson
"Rumours & Redemption" by Nic Toupee July 28, 2009 Drum Media Marilyn Manson
"This Time it's Personal" by Tamara Palmer 2009 Metromix Marilyn Manson

[edit] M bv4.png Born Villain era, 2010-2013

"Let the new era begin"
— Marilyn Manson, MySpace (January 2010)
Article / Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
"I'm very shy" by Arturo J. Flores April 1, 2010 Playboy MX Marilyn Manson
Anthony Silva talks to MansonWiki about Phantasmagoria and more May 2010 MansonWiki Tony Silva
"The Apple Does Not Fall Far..." August 15, 2010 MansonWiki Hugh Warner
"Suffering Is One Very Long Moment" August 27, 2010 MansonWiki Nick Kushner
""A Three-Minute Act and You Can Tour the World" October 2010 MansonWiki Rudy Coby
"Q&A: Marilyn Manson" with Fleischer's Universe June 21, 2011 Fleischer's Universe Marilyn Manson
"Q&A: Marilyn Manson" with Gerald Matt June 28, 2011 Marilyn Manson
"Q&A: Marilyn Manson" July 23, 2011 Celebrity Ghost Stories Marilyn Manson
"Reinventing the Steel" by Dan Epstein March 2012 Revolver Magazine Marilyn Manson
"Are You Really A Villain, Mr. Manson?" by Ozlem Evans March 27, 2012 Bilds News Tabloid Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson: 'I deserve a Grammy for all the things I've been blamed for'" May 10, 2012 NME First in Music News Marilyn Manson
"THE DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF MARILYN MANSON" by Terry Bezer June 2012 Metal Hammer Marilyn Manson
"What I know: Marilyn Manson" by Megan Conner July 14, 2012 The Observer Marilyn Manson
"Pre-Sunset Strip Music Festival Interview" August 17, 2012 Artisan News Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson Says He Has AIDS Only In Californication" August 18, 2012 Artisan News Marilyn Manson
"Boston 97.7 WAAF Mistress Carrie interviews Marilyn Manson" September 12, 2012 97.7 WAAF Radio, MA Marilyn Manson
"Arkansas 100.3 The Edge Interviews Marilyn Manson" September 13, 2012 100.3 The Edge Radio, AR Marilyn Manson
"Arizonia 98 KUPD's Fitz Madrid interviews Marilyn Manson" September 14, 2012 98KUPD Radio, AZ Marilyn Manson
" MTV Hive interviews Marilyn Manson" September 18, 2012 MTV Hive Marilyn Manson
" Ground Zero Interview with Marilyn Manson" October 4, 2012 Lincoln Journal Star's Ground Zero Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson Finds Inspiration in His Roots" October 19, 2012 Marilyn Manson
"Modern Drummer Jason Sutter of Marilyn Manson" May 27, 2013 Jason Sutter
"I Like to Smoke and Hang Out with the Gangsta Rappers" May 30, 2013 Phoenix NewTimes Marilyn Manson
"Larry King Now Marilyn Manson Interview" June 3, 2013 Larry King Now Marilyn Manson
"Worn Villain: Marilyn Manson discusses life, love and what it's like to play the villain" June 20, 2013 Marilyn Manson
"The_Antichrist_Superstar_Reborn" January 2014 Kerrang! Marilyn Manson
"Daisy Berkowitz: Portrait of an American Ex-Marilyn Manson Member" April 10, 2014 Daisy Berkowitz
"Marilyn Manson – Portrait of an American Family - 20 Year Anniversary" July 20, 2014 Daisy Berkowitz
"WAMG Talks To GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Composer Tyler Bates" July 28, 2014 Tyler Bates

[edit] 2014 New Era

Article / Interviewer Date Source Interviewed
"Marilyn Manson: 'I'm the most normal guy' " by Margarita Khartanovich June 20, 2014 Rolling Stone (Russia) Marilyn Manson
"Marilyn Manson: 'I feel outrage' " by Sarka Heller, Jaroslav Špulák July 25, 2014 Marilyn Manson