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Live AOL Chat Q&A
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date November 2, 1995
Source Spin Magazine Online

SPIN - OK... We're here in NYC with Marilyn Manson in the offices of SPIN Magazine. Marilyn, what's up?

Manson - "Just smashed myself in the nose in Boston..."

SPIN - "Care to elaborate?"

Manson - "During the first song of our show last night, I cracked my nose open with the microphone - trying to recover. Narcotics?"

LSDNA - When is Antichrist coming out?

Manson - "1996"

SonicFoo2 - I want to fuck up the world. have any suggestions?

Manson - "Start by shaving off your eyebrows."

LSDNA - What did you think about the Salt Lake show with NIN?

Manson - "As everyone knows, I wasn't allowed on stage. They even offered me $10,000 to not show up. But I thought it was important to say what I had to say. And I didn't get the money, but I don't care."

BECK TACO - What's up with all the children stuff, that's kinda sick?

Manson - "I like to talk about the experiences I had with child abuse growing up. I tend to deal with it in a different way that confuses some people."

DSiegel97 - Will you ever go back to Santa Barbara?

Manson - "I remember Santa Barbara; some asshole sprained my wrist trying to take my microphone from me, and he got smashed in the face. But we'll go back."

CristLaVe - I heard that there will be two shows in New Orleans, one public and one private. Is this true?

Manson - "If you're talking about the one with the chicken...Yes."

SinDdahme - Hi, I'm Cindy Dahmer, and I want to join the band. I can play the saxophone = )

Manson - "Can you stick it up your ass?"


Manson "I got 'em from you, everlasting cocksucker."

LthrNun - Any chance of "Choklit Factory" or "Negative3" making it onto the "AntiChrist" disc?

Manson "No...but look for White Knuckles & Suicide Snowman."

Tnsprt586 - So, what about this Time/Warner bullshit?

Manson - "Unfortunately, Time/Warner has been the force that has constantly stifled my creativity, but fortunately, when they're gone maybe things will be better."

Slaw09 - Where you over at Trent Reznor's house last night? Someone said they saw you there.

Manson - "No...I was in Boston smashing my face in."

PHAT ALBR - I'm what you'd call a straight edge kid, how do you feel about the movement and poison free youth crews?

Manson - "I respect whatever works for people. I myself enjoy balancing between total chaos and self-control."

Scrizzel - What is man's greatest flaw?

Manson - "His inability to control and acknowledge his animal instincts."

Sunbean8 - Is it your goal to make people feel innocent again or to rob them of it?

Manson - "Both at the same time. I like to remain innocent in some ways and also desensitize myself. That paradox works for me."


Manson - "No."

RACHELG49 - Why did you choose to tear up the Mormon Bible in particular?

Manson - "It was the Mormons who had protested our appearance."


Manson - "It's part of expressing individuality, and as you become more and more desensitized to the way you look, things tend to get more and more extreme. Sometimes we don't realize that."

DopeHat6i - How do you feel about girls (and some guys) spreading their legs for you without even knowing you???

Manson - "No comment."

Paroxysma - Would you raise your children as Satanists?

Manson - "Satanism is the philosophy that I relate to most, but I don't limit it to that. Marilyn Manson and my children, if I had any, would be exposed to many different options that they would be able to choose from. But I'm sure they would choose Satanism. Most children would."

SPIN - Here's a question from Sleizoid: Marilyn, what was your mind going through when you made Fuck Frankie?

Manson - "Am I going to get caught? And how will I explain to the police all the blood and chicken feathers?"

Skarekroe - What about Alice Cooper?

Manson - "I love the first three records. But I've heard that after leaving a life of drugs and rock n roll he has picked a different crutch - Christianity. That's unfortunate."

ILuvMyGui - Are you really the antichrist superstar?

Manson - "You have made me that and the embodiment of people who agree with me are also Antichrist Superstar."

DJ Apathy - Will Kippy be in any future MM videos?

Manson - "Just the one for Fuck Frankie."

Slavemnky - These questions about, are you gonna perform any new songs at Irving Plaza tomorrow nite?

Manson - "Yes. Maybe Irresponsible Hate Anthem or Smells Like Children."

MONTANA16 - When's the release date of the new album? I can't find it in W. Mass. and nobody knows anything.

Manson - "Smells Like Children is out."

Hemptimes - Why do you always jerk off on-stage of the Ohio shows. How do I get your shirts????????????????????-666

Manson - "They work good for absorbing cum."

Shleestac - Is Dope Hat about drug abuse/addiction?

Manson - "Yes. It's about how people are entertained by my ability to balance between addiction and control."

Burnflesh - Are you against religions that use white magic such as wicca??

Manson - "I'm not against any religions, I just like to point out their weaknesses to open minds."

Slaw09 - Is it true you tried to posses Danny Lohner of NIN's baby (Chances Lohner says you tried to.)

Manson - "I heard he was impotent."

JakOffJil - Why did you almost punch Twiggy out on Halloween in Boston?

Manson - "That's not true. I was aiming for someone else."

Austonian - At any point in your relationship with Trent Reznor, were you and he ever lovers?

Manson - "We've been naked in the same room together, but I'll leave it at that."

Question - What do you represent?

Manson - "The part of man that he's ashamed to be."

SPIN - Why all the monkey references?

Manson - "On Portrait, there are three references to the monkey if you piece them together you will understand."

Ivampire - Do you really believe in what you say? - because I believe in you.

Manson - "What I say is what I am."

Ferajie - What do you think about the writing of Clive Barker?

Manson - "I like his writing but his movies let me down."

JNIN13 - Is Twiggy there with you?

Manson - "He's back at the hotel shaving his legs."

GloriaGug - Did you ever think of touring with Charles Manson? That would be cool.

Manson - "I think he's a great dancer."

CR7243890 - How does it feel to be HATED?

Manson - "It feels good."


Manson - "Become your idol."

EvilZombi - What are your views on drugs and drug users?

Man666son - "I respect strong people. Some people can handle drugs and some people can't. I don't respect drug addicts."

DW NIN666 - Hi, my name is Doug Wright...Sweet Dreams is an Eurythmics song, why'd you choose to do it?

Manson - "Well, Doug...I thought the lyrics were very powerful, and I wanted to share them in the way I saw them."

DopeHat6i - I swear your band must be THEE trendiest band and "koolest" one to like in my school... at least 10 MM shirts a day... Are you pleased?

Manson - "The more people that experience Marilyn Manson, the better. The integrity of what I stand for won't change. And these people are better off wearing MM shirts than Hootie & the Blowfish."

DeborahNI - What exactly happened to Sara Lee Lucas? Is he in another band now? Rumor says you did not get along and did not like his drumming and ended up firing him...

Manson - "We actually lit him on fire."

GetYrGunn - I think your next video should star Rockitbabe. Don't you?

Manson - "If it's a porno."

Sunbean8 - How can I keep my childhood going forever?

Manson - "Kill yourself while you're young."

Siva Siam - I saw you with the Genitorturers (wonderful band if you like pain) are you going to tour with them ever?!

Manson - "Possibility. We tend to be on the same team, so to speak."

HAPPY TAL - If your penis were to be cut off, what would you do?

Manson - "I'd get tits and become a stripper."

Slaw09 - If you could kill one person who would it be?

Manson - "Trent Reznor. He put me in this position."

XzFLaRE1z - How come you are making the Reverend answer all these stupid questions?

Manson - "I don't mind. I get lonely sometimes."

TheLimite - Would you rather be burned in effigy or immortalized in bronze?

Manson - "I would rather be eaten alive."

JCrawf418 - What do you think of MTV's refusal to play your videos more than a couple of times?

Manson - "It's predictable. MTV's too safe."

Burnflesh - Are you the third?? (trust me this is important)

Manson - "Elaborate, Burnflesh. There have been many before me..."

SPIN - We've invited Burnflesh onstage to talk to MM. Burn, your question was interesting. What did you mean by "the third?"

Burnflesh - Hello Mr. Manson! See I have a theory about the third thing.

SPIN - Go on....

Burnflesh - Well basically it is a long story...

SPIN - Type faster Burnflesh or we're gonna kick your butt off-stage.

Burnflesh - My friend and I created all that existed and we need a third person so that we would not create a paradox. It is a long story. umm,....we created you we are from an alien world!

SPIN - What's your question right NOW?

Burnflesh - This is all my dream.

Manson - I am the alpha and the omega.

SPIN - Bye Burnflesh.


Manson - "Yes."

Wattie699 - Mr. Manson my Name is Brad and I went to your show in Cleveland on the 21st of October, and I was just wondering why you did not allow mushroom head to Play?

Manson - "I don't deal with those type of things. However, that band came in with an attitude that we didn't agree with, and they left with it."

Scrizzel - Is Get Your Gunn a reference to Dr. David Gunn, the abortion-doctor killed by activists?

Manson - "Obviously."

GODofFREE - What do you think of posers?

Manson - "I don't mind them if they're in women's lingerie."

JakOffJil - Why do you like Traci Lords? Because she's a porno queen?

Manson - "She understands me."

RTWFLY - What about yourself would you change if you could?

Manson - "I'd be young again."

SPIN - OK, we can just take a couple more questions...

Ursinius - What was high school like for you? .......mine sucks

Manson - "I had to wear a uniform, have my hair cut short, and I wasn't allowed to listen to rock music. Besides that, the kids at public school loved to kick my ass. So it wasn't that great for me either."

SPIN - OK, ask your question right now and it's guaranteed to go in....

DRose9021 - Why the fascination with Willy Wonka?

Manson - "He was someone that I idolized as a kid. Now I see him as the archetypal devil character. And I relate to the way he deals with his admirers."

SPIN - OK, time for one last question. Here it is. It's kind of profound.

Jezabael - Why?

Manson - "Because it's the only way I can deal with life."

SPIN - SPINonline would like to thank Mr. Manson and the whole Manson Family and Friends for their presence here with us tonight. DO WHAT THOU WILT :) We know that you have given up watching Friends or the Shaq-Fu-Licious conference to be here with us tonight... and don't think that we aren't grateful!