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The Rock Show Interview
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date August 2000
Source fansite [1]
Interviewer Mary Anne Hobbs[2]
A BBC Radio 1 The Rock Show Interview. [3]

Mary Anne Hobbs: It's Mary Anne Hobbs, you're listening to the Radio 1 Rock Show, and I'm joined right now by the winner of the Hall Of Fame Award at the Kerrang! Awards 2000. Marilyn Manson is with us! (cheering and clapping)
Marilyn Manson: Thank you very much. Am I the youngest person in it?
Mary Anne Hobbs: Oh easily yeah, yeah. I mean it is the geriatric award isn't it?
Marilyn Manson: It's strange, because does that mean that I'm old now? I don't know.
Mary Anne Hobbs: It is the geriatrics award.
Marilyn Manson: No no no, I'm a living legend.
Mary Anne Hobbs: (laughs) Hey, at least Fleetwood Mac didn't get it.
Marilyn Manson: I appreciate it. It's a great honour.
Mary Anne Hobbs: Yeah. This is the forth year on the trot that you've won a pretty substantial award at the Kerrang! Awards isn't it really?
Marilyn Manson: It is.
Mary Anne Hobbs: But you've never graced us with your presence. Why did you decide to come this year?
Marilyn Manson: I have when I could, you know it's difficult because of my schedule, but this was important and I wanted to come, and like I said, Kerrang! is one of the few magazines that really cares about music, and it's really geared for the fans. It's not some slick Spin type magazine that's all about advertising, it's a great magazine and it's an honour to be a part of it.
Mary Anne Hobbs: Yeah, I have to say as well when you were really battered in America after the Columbine killings the British press really strenuously fell behind you. There were some incredible editorials in your support. Do you fell that you're better understood, in a way, in the UK?
Marilyn Manson: In a way. But it works both ways for me because I like to piss people off in America. But you know my hero's, whether it be Oscar Wilde, John Lennon, Bowie, have all been British and all have the same sensibilities I do, so I grew up thinking the way they do. I look at America as an outsider.
Mary Anne Hobbs: And that's the way you like it?
Marilyn Manson: Yeah I like it. I love America, but I love to fuck with it.
Mary Anne Hobbs: (laughs) Weren't you worried about your safety, your own personal safety when that was going on? I did an interview with Ice T around about the time of the whole cop killer controversy and he was really seriously afraid that at some point he might be assasinated.
Marilyn Manson: I've had so many death threats that I've become numb to it. I'm almost bored. I'm waiting for someone to come through with it so I'm numb. I stopped being afraid a long time ago.
Mary Anne Hobbs: (laughs) So, obviously the British fans want to know a little bit more about the album. All we've heard is Phil Alexandra tell us it's the "heaviest album in the world ever" and we'd love it if you'd just expand on that a bit for us.
Marilyn Manson: It's heavy in different ways. Anybody can have a distortion peddle and play metal. But I wanted to approach heavy in a different way. This record has the rage and abrasiveness that Antichrist Superstar has, and it has the melody and songwriting that Mechanical Animals had. Antichrist Superstar began a three part story. I started with the ending and worked my way backwards, so Holy Wood is the begining and the glue that ties the three together. When you put the three albums together it's a whole body of work.
Mary Anne Hobbs: So, the other really pressing question that we need to ask you is: When are you going to come and play in the UK for heavens sake?
Marilyn Manson: Very soon.
Mary Anne Hobbs: How soon?
Marilyn Manson: End of the year. End or begining, one of the two.
Mary Anne Hobbs: Because we're desperate. Desperate to try and get you do something on the Rock Show. We have been since dot.
Marilyn Manson: I think I'm coming here to do some special appearances in October.
Mary Anne Hobbs: October?
Marilyn Manson: Something special.
Mary Anne Hobbs: That'll be nice.
Marilyn Manson: Yeah.
Mary Anne Hobbs: Well thank you so much for talking to us this evening.
Marilyn Manson: No, thank you.
Mary Anne Hobbs: And congratulation on a very well received award.
Marilyn Manson: Thanks again.


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