Grotesk Burlesk (tour)

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Grotesk Burlesk Tour
World tour by Marilyn Manson
Supporting album The Golden Age of Grotesque
Start date April 15, 2003
End date January 3, 2004 (cancelled)
Legs 8
Shows 106
(99 completed, 7 cancelled)
Marilyn Manson tour chronology
Guns, God and Government
Grotesk Burlesk
Against All Gods
This article is about the tour. For the tour book, see Grotesk Burlesk (book).

Grotesk Burlesk was the ninth tour Marilyn Manson embarked on, under management of major record label Interscope Records. It was also the band's fifth tour to span over multiple legs. The band was on the tour from April 15, 2003 until December 27 2003.

Much of the costumes and attire used for the tour was tailored by French fashion designer and grand couturier Jean-Paul Gaultier.[1][2]


Guest on the 2003/12/16, 2003/12/18 and 2003/12/19's dates:

  • Peaches - vocals

Track listing

Manson performing a special set in Berlin, Germany.

The following list contains the most commonly played songs in the order they were most generally performed:

  1. "Repent"
  2. "Thaeter"
  3. "This Is the New Shit"
  4. "Disposable Teens"
  5. "Irresponsible Hate Anthem"
  6. "Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes"
  7. "Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth"
  8. "Great Big White World"
  9. "Rock Is Dead" (with "Lunchbox, (Spoken)" and "1996" (Spoken) intro)
  10. "mOBSCENE"
  11. "Tainted Love"
  12. "Para-noir"
  13. "Tourniquet"
  14. "The Dope Show" (with "Baboon Rape Party" intro)
  15. "(s)AINT"
  16. "The Golden Age of Grotesque"
  17. "Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag"
  18. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" (with "The Reflecting God" outro)
  19. "Rock 'n' Roll Nigger" (feat Peaches)
  20. "The Fight Song" (with "Obsequey (The Death of Art)" and "It's a Small World" intro)
  21. "The Beautiful People"
  22. "Better of Two Evils"

Opening songs

Stage Antics

A backstage pass from the Grotesk Burlesk tour
  • During performances of "The Fight Song", Manson performed from a Antichrist Superstar-esque podium adorned with a Mickey Mouse styled Totenkopf, instead of the traditional "shock symbol". Another podium was used as well, although it was white, resembled the bow of a ship and adorned with the bands new "MM" logo. Manson would often wear a hat with ears similar to that of Mickey Mouse. He also donned black face for this song as well as "The Beautiful People".
  • For performances of "mOBSCENE", Manson would often wear an elongated asymmetrical top hat, designed by Irish milliner, Philip Treacy.
  • During performances of "The Golden Age of Grotesque", Manson would often wear a bowler hat and played a saxophone during the end of the song, in an off-key screeching manner. Also during this song, Tim Skold would often switch out his Gretsch Broadkaster bass and perform the song using a King doublebass.
  • During performances of "The Dope Show", Manson would wear elongated arms, which he would swing in a marching manner as he walked. They were designed by Rudy Coby. For most performances, red confetti would also shower the audience during this song.
  • During the interlude for "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)", Manson would often drink from a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne. On occasion, he would spit/ pour champagne into the crowd and pour it on the dancers. He would also interact with one of them by inserting his microphone into one of their prosthetic vaginas and begin to sing from it.
  • A robotic mannequin, (which resembled Dita Von Teese) also designed by Rudy Coby, was used for performances of "Tourniquet". The mannequin would often push a cart with a bottle of absinthe placed on it. Manson would often disassemble it by removing it's arms and placing them on the cart whilst singing to it.
  • The stage would be set up in a series of platforms. The stage was set to resemble that of vaudeville, burlesque stage and a 1930's stage.
  • The stage amplifiers would be adorned with a series of protruding mannequin legs, clad with high heels in a fan-shaped fashion, or phonographs which rested atop the speakers.
  • For an unknown performance during the tour, Manson used an apparatus designed to give him the illusion of having three legs. Although no photo or video evidence of it currently exists, Manson was also said to have used an illusion that gave him the appearance of having two heads.

Tour legs

Tour Leg Time Span
Grotesk Burlesk Spring European Tour 2003/04/152003/06/21
Grotesk Burlesk Ozzfest 2003 Tour 2003/06/282003/08/28
Grotesk Burlesk Australian Tour 2003/09/132003/09/20
Grotesk Burlesk Asian Tour 2003/09/242003/10/04
Grotesk Burlesk Autumn North American Tour 2003/10/102003/11/01
Grotesk Burlesk Mexican Tour 2003/11/052003/11/07
Grotesk Burlesk Autumn European Tour 2003/11/192003/12/19
Grotesk Burlesk Winter North American Tour 2003/12/27 – 2004/01/03 (cancelled)

Supporting Acts

  • Apocalyptica
  • Mudvayne
  • Peaches
  • Queen Adreena

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