Genesis of the Devil

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Genesis of the Devil
Genesis of the Devil cover
Bootleg by Marilyn Manson
Released March 27th, 2001
Recorded 1994–1998 in various locations
Genre Alternative metal, heavy metal
Format Compact disc
Length 55:78
Label Church of the Perverted, Devilstone
Producer Marilyn Manson
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Genesis of the Devil
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Genesis of the Devil is a rarities bootleg by Marilyn Manson, released on March 27th, 2001 by Church of the Perverted. Among the tracks on this bootleg are songs and performances from the Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids era, and an interview with Marilyn Manson.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sam Son of Man" – 4:46
  2. "Strange Same Dogma" – 3:40
  3. "White Knuckles" – 2:16
  4. "Interview With the Devil" – 11:08 [1]
  5. "White Trash" (Live) – 10:07 [2]
  6. "My Monkey" (Live) – 3:48
  7. "Misery Machine" (Live) – 5:29
  8. "Lunch Box" – 9:58 [3]
  9. "Misery Machine" (First Ever Recording of Marilyn Manson) – 4:35

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  1. Carson Daly 1998-09-14
  2. Actually "Luci in the Sky with Demons" and "Cake and Sodomy"
  3. Live. Actually "Choklit Factory" and "Strange Same Dogma"