Bats Blood & Shit Stew

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Bats Blood & Shit Stew
Bats Blood & Shit Stew cover
Bootleg by Marilyn Manson
Released Date Unknown
Genre Alternative metal, heavy metal
Format CD


  1. "Son of Man"
  2. "Junk the Magic Dragon"
  3. "Learning to Swim"
  4. "I.V.-T.V."
  5. "The Telephone"
  6. "Meat for a Queen"
  7. "She's Not My Girlfriend"
  8. "Devil in My Lunchbox"
  9. "Number Nine Part One"
  10. "Number Nine Part Two"
  11. "Number Nine Part Three"
  12. "Cat in the Hat"
  13. "Justify My Love"
  14. "Strange Same Dogma"
  15. "Let Your Ego Die"
  16. "The Suck for Your Solution"
  17. "Long Hard Road Out of Hell"