Article:2020/05/22 Perou on two decades photographing Marilyn Manson – in pictures

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Perou on two decades photographing Marilyn Manson – in pictures
Marilyn Manson in 2007
Article on Photography
Author Sarah Gilber
Date May 22, 2020
Source The Guardian
The London-based photographer Perou has been photographing Marilyn Manson for more than 20 years, and a new book chronicles the highs and lows of their intimate relationship. Here he recalls some of their encounters. Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21 Years In Hell contains over 350 images, many previously unseen, and is published by Reel Art Press on 9 June
This image from 1998 was from the first shoot I did with Manson –it was also the first time I met him – in Los Angeles, shooting a cover for Time Out magazine. Prior to this, I had been listening to Rock n Roll Nigger as loud as it would go, driving round London with the top off my 1982 Transam. He wasn’t what I was expecting; maybe I wasn’t what he was expecting. Something clicked, though, and it wasn’t just the shutter of my camera 8895.jpg
An image from the first press session we shot in Amsterdam, wearing a piece by Whitaker Malem. Every time I have photographed Manson over the past 22 years, he is different, always evolving, no repetition, never dull. And usually up for trying something creative and unexpected 6813.jpg
Berlin, 2017: this was for a Christmas feature for Kerrang! magazine. Very Zone Blanche 5478.jpg
A trip to Moscow, 2001. This was such a nutty time. On this tour, we would sometimes go off on our own for an evening photo safari, with just his bouncer and a driver, and take pictures around whatever city we were in. After having to bribe my way out of Moscow, I promised myself never to return to Russia, and I haven’t since 1750.jpg
Manson in 2003. We both love a good hat: my bowler comes from Lock & Co on St James’s Street, London, which made the first bowler hats. I don’t know where Manson got this one 4194.jpg
2017. How many times can I be accused of being a member of the illuminati? It’s not my fault people like Dame Helen Mirren, Jay-Z, Ian Brown and Marilyn Manson keep throwing triangles or covering one eye in photos. This was shot in Manson’s self-decorated bathroom, on the first of a three-day press shoot 6720.jpg
2017: A press session shot in the studio and pleasingly used on huge banners for some live shows. We had shot another version of this on the roof of Manson’s managers’ house in the Hollywood hills, and let rip with some black smoke grenades. We were soon visited by an LAPD helicopter checking out what we were doing and had to hide the machine guns and wave politely 5478 (1).jpg
2010: We shot this in Manson’s apartment above a liquor store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. It used to belong to Billy Zane. We did this using UV black light. We sometimes use lights we pick up at Home Depot (the US version of B&Q) or whatever is lying around: you don’t need expensive kit to take great photos 2894.jpg
2007: We had a terrible shoot together. In fact, it was so bad, we didn’t speak to each other for a few years after it. These were shot in a gallery space Manson had for a while in East Hollywood and he hated the pictures at the time. Subsequently, he says these are some of his favourite pictures we have done. Their reception at the time was more to do with his state of mind. 4772.jpg
This was from the album artwork shoot for Heaven Upside Down. I broke my knee skiing in France a few days before I flew to LA to shoot this and I was injecting anti-clotting drugs into my stomach. I left a needle in the studio toilets and rumour went round that Manson was doing drugs in there. I had to let it be known it was me 8280.jpg
On the set of the 2003 video for mOBSCENE) in the California desert, just before Manson narrowly avoided death by elephant. I am wearing a flight suit with a patch that reads “I like to watch”. I used to wear that suit a lot, until I was sitting in the reception of Flaunt magazine and the UPS delivery courier moved in a little too close, and whispered: “I like to be watched.” 6639.jpg