Article:2005/03/24 Marilyn Manson Remembers Hunter S. Thompson

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Marilyn Manson Remembers Hunter S. Thompson
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Op-Ed piece on Hunter S. Thompson
Author Marilyn Manson
Date March 24, 2005

Marilyn Manson Remembers Hunter S. Thompson
By Marilyn Manson on March 24, 2005
Rolling Stone magazine

MARILYN MANSON got a call five years ago from Johnny Depp, who was partying at the Viper Room in Los Angeles with Hunter. "Get down here," Depp said. "You've got to meet this guy." After that, Manson and Hunter spoke regularly in late night phone calls.

We both kept extremely odd hours, and we would talk to each other endlessly. He would leave messages referring to me with a series of names that ranged from my birth name, Brian, to Bubba, which he used on everyone. He also called me Shit Eyes. I'm not sure what it means, but it's probably the greatest thing anyone has ever said: "Call me back, Shit Eyes, because I need an audience."

One time when I called he was very quiet. I said, "What's going on?" He said, "How do I say this? I'm in a romantic moment." I said, "I'm so glad for you. Call me tomorrow." I was really happy that there was still sex going on. Hopefully, it was with a person.

Once I was going to court on a fourth-degree misdemeanor when my cell phone started ringing at 6:15 in the morning. It was Hunter. I told him I was worried I'd be drug-tested when I turned myself in. "When was the last time you did drugs?" he asked. I couldn't be certain. "Get a rental car and flee the country," he said. He was dead serious. "Thanks for the advice," I said. "I love you."

Johnny Depp once told me, "Hunter fears you." I asked why. "Because he thinks you're not afraid to go all the way, to hit bottom, to go wherever he wants to go. And he likes that." That's a good basis for friendship. Or trouble. But that's what friends are for. We were having dinner at the Chateau Marmont; I think it was Johnny's birthday. It was like the Last Supper, only with all the crazy people in Hollywood: Nick Nolte, the week of his famous hair picture, Mickey Rourke, Johnny, Benicio, myself. Hunter had a bandaged hand from punching holes in a window. After dinner we all went upstairs and he read from his book 'Kingdom of Fear'. Some drunken girl knocked on the door and he was so angry, he couldn't form a word. He just kept pointing his finger until she was removed. Then you had a roomful of rowdy fellows, very calmly sitting, listening to a bedtime story from a very cool grandfather, uncle, brother, whatever.

A day or two later he sent me 'Kingdom of Fear'. The inscription says, "Manson, beware the flag suckers. They will run you down and eat your flesh but not your heart or your brain, for they are unclean. Good luck."

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