Article:1999/09/07 Marilyn Manson Plans Live Album, Home Video

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Marilyn Manson Plans Live Album, Home Video
Article on The Last Tour on Earth & God Is in the T.V.
Author Robert Mancini
Date September 7, 1999
Source MTV News

Marilyn Manson Plans Live Album, Home Video
By Robert Mancini on Sep 7 1999 6:00 PM EDT
MTV News

All the fans who were kept away from Marilyn Manson concerts last year because of protestors, local government, or other acts of moral judiciousness will be pleased to learn that they'll soon be able to bring the Manson concert experience into their own homes.

Manson, the man and the band, will release a live album titled "The Last Tour On Earth" in November through Nothing Records. The album will carry twelve tracks recorded during Manson's swing through the Midwest on his recent U.S. tour, including a cover of Dr. Hook's "Get My Rocks Off" (a full tracklisting can be found at the end of this story).

This fall will also see Manson deliver the home video collection "God Is In The TV" to stores, giving fans in search of all the band's videos a chance for one-stop shopping.

The collection spans Manson's career, from early nuggets like "Get Your Gunn" to the upcoming clip for "Coma White," which will debut on MTV's "Total Request Live" on September 13.

In addition to those clips, fans will find "Rock Is Dead," "I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)," "The Dope Show," "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell," "Cryptorchid," "Man That You Fear," "Tourniquet," "The Beautiful People," "Sweet Dreams," "Dope Hat," and "Lunchbox," as well as performance and behind-the-scenes footage.

If you're looking forward to "The Last Tour On Earth," here's what you'll find when the album arrives in November:

  • "The Reflecting God"
  • "Great Big White World"
  • "Get Your Gunn"
  • "Sweet Dreams/Hell Outro"
  • "Rock Is Dead"
  • "The Dope Show"
  • "Lunchbox"
  • "I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)"
  • "Antichrist Superstar"
  • "The Beautiful People"
  • "The Last Day On Earth"
  • "Get My Rocks Off"