Article:1999/01/04 Marilyn Manson Rings In New Year With Staged Vegas Violence

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Marilyn Manson Rings In New Year With Staged Vegas Violence
Article on Hard Rock Hotel and Casino special show
Date January 04, 1999
Source MTV News

Marilyn Manson Rings In New Year With Staged Vegas Violence
Jan 4 1999 3:15 PM EST
MTV News

While mankind may be persevering a little longer than Marilyn Manson had predicted it would on his 1996 album, "Antichrist Superstar," that didn't keep the shock rocker from ringing in the new year with a special show at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

As part of the evening's celebration -- and to help promote the recent expansion of the Hard Rock Hotel -- Manson got to partake in a little bit of senseless rock & roll violence, as Hard Rock promoters invited the star to hurl various items from one of the hotel's eight-story windows.

"They were nice enough to ask me to break some of their stuff," Manson said of the Hard Rock-sponsored tirade, which lasted 15 minutes and drew about a hundred onlookers.

"Usually I have to pay for it. So, I can't pass up an opportunity to destroy things for free."

And despite statements from his managers to the contrary, Manson continued to joke about the possibility of a joint tour between his band and Hole sometime in the next year, even though he has recently slagged Love in the press (see "New Radicals Discuss Slighting Marilyn Manson And Courtney Love, Manson Responds").

"[I'm planning] a big tour," he said, "with maybe some people like Courtney Love that I might decide to bring along with me."

Manson will next head to Australia and New Zealand in mid-January for the Big Day Out fest, after which the group will launch another North American tour in March with Monster Magnet.

Comedian Charles Fleischer, best known as the voice of animated film star Roger Rabbit, opened for Manson, who performed a two-hour set which saw him dedicate one song to his current girlfriend, Rose McGowan, and featured such celebs as Dennis Rodman, Ben Stiller and Jenny McCarthy in attendance.